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last one. Let me know what you think about the wireing please.




Completely awful and a scandalous blight upon the art form.

To avoid further embarassment, send what you've done so far over to me and I'll send you back unmolested parts so you can start over again. :lol: :lol:


( One of these days somebody's going to fall for that! )


Sooo, meanwhile back at the ranch, what size wire are you using? :lol:

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wow,chris! thats alot of wiering. the fasteners seem to be a bit too big. if its not too much work i would remoove them again and make them half as thick. i think a good thickness would be half a milimeter and a bit more of them. if its not possible to do it with tamiya tape you might want to try aluminium from food packages or (0.07mm or something). maybe you can just dut the thicker ones you have already made, into two halfs and separate these. then you would have killed two flies in one strike (if this wasnt, what my english teacher used to call "german-english", i dont know, lol)

the wiering itselfe is done first class.


cheers klaus

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Thanks a lot guys :D



i will try to make the fasteners a bit smaller, but it will be difficult because some of them are glued to hold the wiring in place...



got no mail, sorry. Try to send a PM here.



yes, it´s all from 0,15mm thick copper wire.




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Guest LSP_Jay L

Nice start mate! Looking good. Klaus has a point about the fasteners being kinda thick, but if you have them glued it is a bit late now. Plus they will not be readily visible on the finished model anyways. Besides they look the business anyways.


Cheers mate,



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Great work on the wires!


If you want to change them, you should cut off the ones you can, and paint the others black so they look like rubber or tape, simulating what held the cable strand together. Then add the other fasteners that attach the strand to the cockpit walls, in other places. Maybe that will help?


You can also just leave it, as it does not look bad to me and when the pit is filled up, might not be a focus.

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