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  1. Bernd, this work is highly impressive! I am really happy that i droped back in this Forum after a view years of absence. Just to find this master piece. I also checked out other builds. You guys keep up the level quite high. I love it. Cheers Klaus
  2. Well done! Really a beautiful build. I saw her live in Moson. I really think i need to do a Spit. Cheers Klaus
  3. Absolutely stunning work! Congratulations, this is a masterpiece. I love the level of detail and the painting. Especially the upper side. cheers Klaus
  4. oh, i am modeling, but the scale has changed to 1/5, 1/4 and 1/3 and things started to really get airborne. Since one year i am working on a 1/5 Scale FW 190d. I should be ready to start painting in a couple of weeks. The Cockpit is a blast! 1/5 is just too easy ;-) cheers Klaus
  5. Hello Nigel, i really like what you are doing here. If i were still doing plastc modeling, this Kit would be my choice and i could not do it any better than you. Great modeling and painting. i will for sure keep an eye on this one. Thanks for letting others look at your piece of art. You are gooooood! Cheers, Klaus
  6. ... where are the days, Jerry? Where are the days? cheers Klaus
  7. Hi Jerry! First of all... I am very happy seeing you playing with the grownups now and leaving the toyscale behind. Your metal finish is just.... LOUD! The combination of the 3D scalpel stressed skin i showed you and your 2D shading stressed skin effect makes a very very convincing overall effect. I have no idea how one could do it better. I am so curious to see it live. The surface scales it up to 1/1. Of couse i do also like the little detailes i could find on your model, like these great gunbarrels, the bombrack with its tiny gizmos and the kind of rubber seal at the leading edge of the rack. Especially i like the oil overrun chanel next to the noseart. The little amount of wear looks very authentic, even though you know that i love dirty birds. However, it looks great to me as it is. Not fabric new but used. One could say she is in her best days, the way you have shown her. I had my thoughts about the shiny black anti glare paint, but as you have told me about the original pictures of the bird your shiny one seem to be just right. I was thinking, that i might bring my big base to your place, when i come to visit you for the modell show in vienna and if the weather is nice, we could do some outdoor shots of her. I am sure they will look great. Hopefully there is no more snow around the area. Otherwhise i can borrow you the base. ...ok, and now continue the work on the resin kit and post some WIP pix. cheers Klaus
  8. hey thats a very interesting threat. your cockpit panel looks outstanding. did you make new instruments? did you print them by your own? i am actually working on a 21st century toys 1/18 corsair. that makes your project even double interesting to me. cheers klaus
  9. Hi guys! This weekend the yearly modelling show in Mosonmagyarowar took place again. Wolfram from rlm.at took pictures again. if you want to see more check out these two links. planes targets cheers Klaus
  10. ****!!! these struts are porn! i love your mustang. i always did. you are just rising the bar with every update. fantastic! go on! go on! cheers klaus ps: and yes... get the brass nuts!
  11. Klaus H


    wow! that is going to be neat! cheers klaus
  12. hi there! go and get yourselfe a 1/32 scale BF 109. that is for sure one of the best, easiest and most funniest modelkits on the market. it nearly falls together. do not use aftermarket on your first modells. first of all you have to learn how to glue and paint the thing. then you can look out for details. i recommend an airbrus and acrylic colors. check e-bay for an airbrush and dont go for the cheapest one. you should get a good quality airbrush and compressor from beguinning on. of course you will have to spend some money but it will work properly and you will have much mor joy painting your modells. i would say you should estimate 300€ as a starting capital for kit, colors, glue, airbrush and compressor. cheers klaus
  13. hi mahernandez! i have spent alot of time doing a detailed he 162 in the last two yeares. i can only say: go for the aires stuff. leave your hands off the cmk stuff. as said above, the eduard set adds cool to the aires cockpit. however the radio in the aires set is a us radio. you might want to exchange that. if you go for the big aires set and make the engine colsed you will get a perfect he 162 modell. cheers klaus
  14. I am glad you like the rlm update on the show. the flak towers are the ones which stand in the "Augartenpark" in vienna. they are scale 1/72. the unpainted one is the leading tower for the actual flak tower. the flak towers sice is 77,2cm hight. with the platforms it is 86cm wide. a quite amacing project in my opinion. cheers klaus
  15. Hi guys! Today the yearly modelling contest of the IPMS Austria took place. It was a nice event in the museum of military history in Vienna. As always, Wolfarm took some very beautiufl pictures which you can view on our site www.rlm.at http://www.rlm.at/cont/gal994_e.htm cheers Klaus ps: yes, i am the guy getting the price for 1/32 scale aircraft. take a closer look at what kit it was... lol!
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