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    Drumming (been doing it for 8 years)<br />Modelling (been doing it for 9 years)
  1. Jens

    Hunter T7 work in progress...

    thats so sweet!!!
  2. Jens

    Diorama, 1/32 desert storm

    we were in a sommerhouse a weekend look what happened i wasnt suposed to start it before i finnished the Hemmt, but what ever hope you enjoy
  3. Jens

    Diorama, 1/32 desert storm

    why am i not allowed to upload a review in here? :angry: anyways heres a liuttle review of the tornado im going to put in the diorama http://www.britmodeler.com/forums/index.ph...amp;#entry55571 /Jens
  4. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    MANY THANKS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers
  5. Jens

    Diorama, 1/32 desert storm

    thx mate, lotsa help
  6. Jens

    Diorama, 1/32 desert storm

    God, you cracked me up i know it was said sirious, and thanks for the advice, ill concider using it.. else im concidering using "normal sand" and wood glue
  7. Jens

    Diorama, 1/32 desert storm

    last pic hope you enjoy ohh,, and btw it would be great if somebody could tell me how to make the sand look like this: /Jens
  8. starting to take shape,of cause i know that there has to be a plane, well, it wont be long until it will be started, im finnishng the M-978 at the moment, and im lóoking for the last parts and stuff.. when i am finnished with the M-978 ill start the Tornado i put in my F-14 to ilustarte the size o the tornado
  9. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    great, thanks a lot, now it wont be long before i order one, but i decided first to finnish the M-978 wich only needs a final touch, so stay turned, the Mirage is incomming
  10. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    thanks, just what i needed, but isnt there any aftermarket stuff?
  11. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    Hi there long time no see.. im beginning to model again, since the weather dosnt give my rc flying a chance with a wind speed of 12m/s yesterday i started looking for new kits. i know i have a lot projects going on, but guess what, thats the great thing about a hobby, you dont have to finnish the things you dont like.. i found a few Mirage kits, and thought it would be a great idea to have one of those in my 1/32 collection, BUT im looking for aftermarket stuff, detail photos of the 1/1 and paint schemes for the Mirage 5J IDF, Mirage III Dassault hope you can help!!! /Jens
  12. Jens


    .. poooor detail in the cockpit all for now