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    modelling f4 ' s , buying made up models of f4's . and mad enough to buy a set of decals fr £78 to do a kit
  1. Cheers Rob Ok some pictures Grab your sides guys , and dont drink and laugh at the same time or you end up with a messy Screen and keyboard
  2. Looking forward to this ..... another goodie being created
  3. OK guys the build is underway And this is my First 1/32 model in about 9-12 months I found out I'm a bit rusty but here goes I've spent the last week or so assembling fuel tanks, missle pylons , pod pylons now I have started the pit , good I hate hand painting these in my view get a nice pre-painted set from eduard splosh on the glue- stick away bing one realistic looking pit one problem no PE set for the ECR :angry: :angry: So I have had to hand paint it and have to say it looks about as real as a cartoon cat looks like a real cat but it dosen't matter too much ... as this is going to be a closed canopy model so heres my progress for you all to have a good laugh at front section rear section and front and back X2
  4. Well excellent build Chris ..Truley amazing work Now for your Next build , go for the major conversion DO THE FGR PHANTOM
  5. Wow great Group Build Would you mind If I join in the Fun I have this kit
  6. Am I seeing things here , Chris is doing a Jet Looking forward to seeing this build up Great kit choice Chris
  7. Wow Rob she's looking great looking forward to doing my one soon
  8. Looking very good Rob I have this kit in my stash
  9. I would come out of modelling retirement if they bought out a FGR2 kit But about the F4J(UK) I built my one with the SUU Gun pod , looks a lot more aggresive with it on
  10. Another place is the modellers nook in Belfast Rik will send it to the Mainland UK Heres his SITE scroll down the page
  11. Not a BMW Guy but those V8's sound nice
  12. I built the Revell Mig 29 in Luftwaffe markings about a year ago you wont be dissapointed with the build of this kit but it could do with a decent cockpit set and ejector seat and the exhaust cans are a bit on the small side but apart from that its a great kit
  13. Great Build Tigger was this build on display at the Avon show ? Fantastic stuff
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