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  1. we were in a sommerhouse a weekend look what happened i wasnt suposed to start it before i finnished the Hemmt, but what ever hope you enjoy
  2. why am i not allowed to upload a review in here? :angry: anyways heres a liuttle review of the tornado im going to put in the diorama http://www.britmodeler.com/forums/index.ph...amp;#entry55571 /Jens
  3. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    MANY THANKS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers
  4. God, you cracked me up i know it was said sirious, and thanks for the advice, ill concider using it.. else im concidering using "normal sand" and wood glue
  5. last pic hope you enjoy ohh,, and btw it would be great if somebody could tell me how to make the sand look like this: /Jens
  6. starting to take shape,of cause i know that there has to be a plane, well, it wont be long until it will be started, im finnishng the M-978 at the moment, and im lóoking for the last parts and stuff.. when i am finnished with the M-978 ill start the Tornado i put in my F-14 to ilustarte the size o the tornado
  7. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    great, thanks a lot, now it wont be long before i order one, but i decided first to finnish the M-978 wich only needs a final touch, so stay turned, the Mirage is incomming
  8. Jens

    Revell Mirage

    thanks, just what i needed, but isnt there any aftermarket stuff?
  9. Hi there long time no see.. im beginning to model again, since the weather dosnt give my rc flying a chance with a wind speed of 12m/s yesterday i started looking for new kits. i know i have a lot projects going on, but guess what, thats the great thing about a hobby, you dont have to finnish the things you dont like.. i found a few Mirage kits, and thought it would be a great idea to have one of those in my 1/32 collection, BUT im looking for aftermarket stuff, detail photos of the 1/1 and paint schemes for the Mirage 5J IDF, Mirage III Dassault hope you can help!!! /Jens
  10. Jens


    .. poooor detail in the cockpit all for now
  11. hmm, couldnt resist starting this one, lotsa scratchbuild, hope i can make it throug!! sorry, no pics but in 5 min there will be
  12. i wont vote, until i get the chance of wonting for a Heli/Jet GB
  13. go make the tornado a real challenge, make it half ripped, and the rest in the normal "skin" i think that your skills are way beyond the gods kiddin Cheers Jens btw: ill follow this build, im also going to build a tornado very soon as a part of my M-978 diorama, cause i dont have the guts to ripp it
  14. Jens

    F-16C Barak

    wow. reallllly great work, /Jens
  15. sorry, the computer was broken yesterday, heres the pics FINNISHED!
  16. .. im a bit sad stressed at the moment, i fucked some paint up on the droptank, and then i went crazy, belive me! now it only have the center tank and left, so it wont be finnished with tanks Cheers, I RAEALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY, because things often get a bit more ugly when youre in a hurry
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