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  1. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Phantoms, phantoms, phantoms

    Hello Doc, still in love with the Phantom? Cheers, Chris
  2. Chris Hannover - Germany

    New Focke-Wulf TA-152H-1 in 1/32

    Thansk for the help! Now please forgive me, but what is their internet addy?
  3. Chris Hannover - Germany

    New Focke-Wulf TA-152H-1 in 1/32

    Oh boy, what the hell is.... Err, now i have two questions: 1) Where can i get kits from this company (never heared of them before) 2) What ist this nice japanese bird with the prop at the back side?? Please let me know!! TIA, Chris
  4. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Arado Ar 196?

    Thanks all for the info! @ Mirek: That are great pics! Lovly detail. As soon as there are more pics of the kit around, i´ll take one as i already told you. Just a question, you said delivery time is one month. Is it because the kit isn´t ready at the moment, or does it mean you´ll produce one by order?
  5. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Arado Ar 196?

    Hi all, is there a kit in 23nd out? Month ago, i heared roumors of it, but can´t remember who was going to release it. Thanks for any info! Edit: I think Revell will do one. Does anyone know the release date?
  6. Chris Hannover - Germany


    I didn´t build one yet, but doesn´t the instructions say RLM 79 from Gunze´s Acrylic range?
  7. Chris Hannover - Germany

    P-47 D "Balls Out"

    Thanks Tim! At least i hope so... Cheers, Chris
  8. Chris Hannover - Germany

    P-47 D "Balls Out"

    Thanks for the pic Allen! If all buffles are together in place, it looks like a ring from the side, as you can see in the first pic here on page two. It sure isn't one, but it looks like that Thanks & Cheers, Chris
  9. Chris Hannover - Germany

    1:32 Haswgawa Spitfire Mk.I

    Hi Ralph, absolutely fantastic work! You have a very clean finish. Looks really great! You really thinned the acrylic paints with laquer thinner? That is working? Cheers, Chris
  10. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Revell to release a "Detail Set" for their Ju88...

    Gentlemen, isn´t it everytime the same? The basic kit is the cheepest of all. For example: My Fw 190 D9 Kit: 27,-€, the extras: over 100,-€ My Academy F-18: 80,-€ the extra stuff 85,-€ Great that you can buy it, but you don´t have to! It´s like in a restaurant. Price for the food is one thing. But money they do with the drinks. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Chris
  11. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Dutch Sea Furies

    Very nice work Tim! Lovely detail in the wheel bays, and great idea with the palstic rod between both LG legs. Somewhere i´ve seen this before... Cheers, Chris
  12. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Tamiya Mk.IXc SPit

    Hi Jim, that looks most excellent mate! Keep the pics comming! That Spit is definatly on my "to do" list! BTW, does Gunze already have these paints in their acrylic range?? You may like the enamel paints, i hate them... Cheers, Chris
  13. Chris Hannover - Germany


    Another stunner! Really fantastic work! Cheers, Chris
  14. Chris Hannover - Germany


    Looks great Ron! Trumpeter really do their homework, do they? The latest engines look much better and some of the AM Resine engines are crap compared to them, in my eyes. Hellcat looks great, which paint did you used? Cheers, Chris
  15. Chris Hannover - Germany

    Revell to release a "Detail Set" for their Ju88...

    It would be a better idea, to release it with the kit together and not a year later... I´m anxious to see them in real soon.