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Site wont load after 15mins of use?


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1 minute ago, TankBuster said:

Hi, I use AVG browser but it has only been happening recently, seems to work ok with Tor so i might use that for a while till  I work problem out. Cheers.


Yeah, those two are certainly off the beaten track, and almost as certainly the cause of your problems.



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15 hours ago, TankBuster said:

Wow I am sorry for liking my privacy, its just my AVG browser but Tor is working fine, and I don't wear a tinfoil hat I actually think for myself and don't rely on others to do it for me and i do my own research. Cheers.


I don't think anyone's picking on you for a desire for privacy, as we all respect that, at least I do. Granted, some browsers are probably safer than others, as are many web sites. In my case, though I haven't logged onto feepay for ages, if I look for specific things at Home Depot or Lowe's for example, the next time I visit feepay, there those items are, offered up as "suggestions". Most search engines are also far from private, but it's just a risk we take whenever we visit the web. 

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