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1:32nd scale Junkers J.1

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Hi all,
I've dry brushed the metal corrugations of the wings, fin, rudder and tail plane, plus the struts, to give an effect of paint wear over Duraluminium.
The fin support struts, tail skid and aileron control rods have also been added.
The lower wing and struts are fitted as is the engine.


Now onto the fitting of the upper wing,







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Hi all,
Ask me how I know :angry2:
The upper wing, although hollow, is still a relatively heavy and large piece of the model.
As such, when attached to just the four outer struts, it will move and twist until the four inboard struts are fitted, which will make the fit of the wing more rigid.
Until then the upper wing can easily shear away from the four outer struts!!
Therefore it’s best to restrain upper wing movement as much as possible for the remaining construction of the model.
I used sponge packing pieces inserted between the wings, held in place by elastic bands around the wings and packing.



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Sounds like a bit of a tense situation, but it looks like you got it sorted out.  Hope it's smooth sailing the rest of the way on the build and weathering. It looks great so far




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Hi all,
The Junkers J.1 model is now complete apart from the propeller and exhaust stack, which are on their way from the Ukraine.
Here are the figures to accompany the aircraft.
I just have a refueling drum to finish.


As usual I'll post completed shots once the model is on its display base,











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