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1:32nd scale Junkers J.1

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Hi all,
The basic fuselage internals are done.
Although no rigging is necessary I have added the rudder and elevator control lines.
I've also added extra fuel pipes to the main fuel tank and the 'Telefunken' wireless aerial wire, wrapped around the spool on the set in the gunners cockpit.
Finally the two filler caps on the right side forward from the pilots cockpit - I assume these were for fuel and coolant.
I've not fitted the two aileron control rods from the cockpit as they can be easily broken during subsequent handling.
I've tested and they can be fitted later but before the engine is finally fitted.
The engine shot below is test fitted only.













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Hi all,
The hinged engine access doors had more detail than provided on the basic doors that are supplied in the kit.
Also Wingnut Wings chose to have four bracing ribs moulded onto the inside of both panels.
However, The only photographs of these panels, either at the time or museum aircraft, don't show four bracing ribs.

They seem to have been located on the doors as either:
    Two ribs - front and forward
    Three ribs - forward, centre and rear
    Two ribs - forward and centre.

Also there are details that needed to be added:
    Lightening holes in the bracing ribs
    Retaining cable or rod
    Additional bracing tubes
     Ports from the external cooling air louvres (right door only)
    Access panels to the engine (left door).


I opted for the three ribs (forward, centre and rear) as shown below.
The ribs were cut from 0.5 mm thick styrene sheet and drilled using 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm diameter drills.
The bracing tubes are flattened 0.7 mm diameter Brass tube.
Cooling ports and access panels were cut from 0.2 mm thick styrene sheet.








Now onto the locking plates for the two access panels.





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Nice details you have called out and added. I have one more of these in the stash, so it's good to have the compilation of details.

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Hi all,
All of the parts have now been painted.
I've replaced the Parabellum machine gun with a 'GasPatch' Parabellum LMG14, which only meant a slight modification to the lit supplied mounting.
Now onto applying the decals and then weathering, before construction of the model,







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21 hours ago, John1 said:

You are doing some truly impressive work here.   What are you using for paint?

Hi John,

Fuselage is 'Tamiya' acrylics - Dark Green 2 (RAF) - XF81 and Light Blue XF23,

Applied over an 'Alclad' Duraluminium (ALC102) base coat.

I was intending to chip the top coats but the lacquer Duraluminium coat caused the chipping solutions to 'bead up' instead of covering.

So instead I'll weather the metal painted surface by dry brushing,



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Hi all,
A few updates.
The 'Aviattic' 5 colour faded lozenge decal applied.
Also the kit supplied decals.
I had to print the serial number for this particular aircraft.
I've fitted the tail plane, fin and rudder.
Also the two flare racks, engine Tachometer and pilots mirror.


Now it's weathering before assembly,











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