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Bell X-1

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Here's a nice and simple kit I will try to finish before the end of the month:




This edition is molded in grey with very fine raised panel lines. Good detail in the cockpit.




Nice and big decal sheet. As you may note, I got this kit for $17.40 Canadian Dollars, which I think is a very good price for a 1/32 scale kit (about $15 US)!




I've already taken more parts off the sprues so more to come soon!




Here's a link to a great walkaround of the X-1:


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First thing, Looking over all the parts I found pretty deep sink holes, mostly on the landing gear doors. Filled with red putty and sealed with CA.

Also found these on the rudder pedals, but I found it easier to replace with styrene sheet.






The back of the instrument panel is visible through the canopy, so I added styrene tubing, wire, and lead solder to create something similar to what I could see in the reference photos.




The inside of the door is lacking any correct details, so I added some structural details and the famous handle will be created also.




The part is held in place while the glue dries. On the back end now, the rocket exhaust is much to small to fit in the fuselage opening, so a styrene strip is added to reduce this, but more test fitting will be required.






Bye for now, working on more of the cockpit at the present.



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A bit more done yesterday, mostly adding detail to the inside of the door. Still need to add Archer rivets, the handle and a round black painted thingy.

The rear bulkhead was detailed with control rods. The molded-on belts were removed, to be replaced with led foil ones.




Thanks for watching!





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Interesting to note in the reference photos is that the cockpit and all landing gear parts are interior green. Here are a bunch of parts in green with wash and dry brush. touch ups on the sprue attachements will be done during assembly later.




Two photos of the essentially complete cockpit. Just have to add the belts, and a fabric liner on the seat bottom. The instruments are painted on the kit parts.




This one shows the chipped paint effect better. Forgot to do it on the pedals!




A quick check shows that very little will be clearly visible once the halves are glued together.



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Finally finished the seat belts, and the control column is in place.






Next will fit in the fuselage. Dry fitting the instrument panel was difficult as the the shallow squares on each side of the fuselage halves do not seem to be capable of holding it in a positive manner.

The wings halves have been glued together and the rather thick trailing edges were thinned. Hope all the main parts will be assembled tomorrow.



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On 2/27/2022 at 2:02 AM, mgbooyv8 said:

Nice work on the cockpit! :goodjob:





Thanks! Quite happy the way it turned out.


This is where all is coming together at last! The engine nozzle part needed an additional styrene strip around to reach the fuselage halves. 10mm sections of tube represent the chambers and a blanking plate wraps up that area.






To avoid the kit being a tail sitter (there's a part in the kit you can use to prop up the tail!), I glued a nut to the cockpit part. Bracing is added to strenghthen the joint, as it only touches a bit at the top and bottom and I don't want this getting loose later on. Someone came along to see (and smell) what was happening!




I managed to fix the panel with additional bit of styrene to help hold it in place. 




Now the halves are already glued together and I'm getting ready to add the wings and tail planes.


Thanks for watching!



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