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P-38L-1 44-23852 "Beautiful *****" .. photo ?

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Hi, could You help me, please, with a serching of any photo of these P-38 from 96.FS/82.FG, Italy 1944-45 ? It is one of the Kagero Top colours (Nr.33) Lightnings.

Only one information I have, abou a crash landing on March 45 at Vincenzo AB. Nothing more about plane, nothing more about the pilot, Lt. John J. Kane. 4 swastikas at the nose ? Nothing about 

Thank You very much for help



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I think, it´s the same by all 4 (Bf 109?) 

Only one short info about Lt. J.J.Kane :

Source : http://www.82ndfightergroup.org/

"... Always fascinated with planes, he spent many hours at a local airport. He entered the Army Aviation Cadet Program in 1943, was commissioned and earned his pilot’s wings in 1944. After fighter pilot training he was assigned to Foggia, Italy where he flew 51 combat missions over Europe as a bomber escort and attacking ground targets. He performed assignments as commander to tactical and non-tactical squadrons and served as an aircraft accident investigation and in staff safety officer positions. He was a graduate of AF Command & Staff College, Aircraft Investigation Course at USC, Instrument Instruction School and other training schools. Decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, several air medals, the Bronze Star and commendation medals. Before retiring in 1973, John had served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and had assignments in Newfoundland, Greenland, the Philippines as well as continental U.S. After moving to NH is 1975, he served as an elected Representative to the NH General Court for 10 years. He was a member of the Retired Officers Assoc., Air Force Assoc. and Writers of the Round Table. John was a member of the 82nd Fighter Group, 96th Fighter Squadron in WWII and former president and strong supporter of the 82nd Fighter Group Association."

In the list of the Victories of 82. FG isn´t .. 

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