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Has anybody ordered replacement parts ...

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I did get a clear sprue for the 1/32 Bf-110 from them a long time ago and I remember it being a lot of effort. Like Kag, they required a receipt, which luckily I managed to get around by contacting the online vendor I bought the kit from for a reissue of said receipt the issue arose a long time after initial purchase so any copy had been purged from my email system. It then took a number of emails to Dragon to get them to acknowledge me sending the receipt on to them and confirmation they had what I needed. However, once that was over with the parts did turn up well packed and quite quickly. 

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Now that I'm not on mobile, I'll expand a bit.  I ordered a 1/35 Jagdtiger kit from scalehobbyist.com years ago partly because it had a metal gun barrel and a few other "premium" add-ons.  Open the box to find that, you guessed it, those parts are missing.  The box even had it printed on the side.  I contacted dragoncare and after dutifully providing the receipt, a dozen photos of the contents of the kit, and waiting ~8 weeks, they told me that those parts were only included in the first run of the kit and closed my case immediately.


Do a search over on Armorama for dragoncare and you'll see a ton of similar experiences.  

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Unfortunately found it as tough as posted here.

Still never got a missing sprue replaced, even after

getting to know the CS rep. at the IPMS Nats - twice!

He wrote his name, said to input it, still nothing.

Kit sits incomplete to this day, 11 years now...

The Dragon DOESN'T care

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