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Shawn M

Meng Kids B-17G kitbashed into a Fortress MKIII

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Got inspired on saturday for an easy fun build

whipped this out and went to town


So far I've filled the ball turret mount holes, the nose turret MG's have been fared in to represent the radar bulge and I closed the bomb baydoors. Then I added the "window" chutes to the rear fuse, replaced all the gun barrels with styrene tube, retracted the landing gear and made representations of the flame dampers, turbo's and wategate dumps.


Shot in primer and future dipped all the glass.

Need to mask the glass, assemble then paint it up this week.


Fun little kit!





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Love it!

What a neat take on a subject.  That's no plain Jane that's for sure.


 Your choice of camo looks so interesting and the additions and wheels up display will make her a beauty for sure.  


Looking forward to more pics :)



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assembled and gap filling






Decals on




time for a wash



















fun relaxing no stress build


The 'cigar' antennae and rear signal light are from a 1/48 Fortress III I did and scrapped recently.

Replaced the gun barrels with styrene tubes, added waist gun wind deflectors and the "window" chutes are shapes from my spares bins.

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