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Hi folks. 


I capitalised the title so as not to get lost amongst the other great Telford threads but in order to maximise the time available, I am starting the LSP at Telford 2019 thread. 


Firstly can I thank all those who contributed to the display and helped with the running during the last weekend, the 32nd sig / LSP stand looked superb and garnered a lot of interest and NOT just because of the Lancaster.


Several folk asked about joining the forum and genuinely showed an interest in 32nd scale aircraft in particular with at least 4 individuals jumping from 48th - 32nd scale. 


Anyhoo, any contributions towards next years display should be on the theme NAVY. 


ANY aircraft, props or jet rotary or fixed wing, with a naval connection from ANY country of origin, so that includes, Fleet Air Arms, Marines, Coastal Command etc, etc.... the world really is your omlette. 


So similar to last year I will start a list of builds in an attempt to avoid a table full of F18 Hornets. 


black  = possible build 

Red =In Progress 

Green= complete. 


So to start


Phartycr0c                 Catalina

Phartycr0c                 Sea Hornet

Phartycr0c                 Helldiver

Phartycr0c                 Avenger

Phartycr0c                 Wessex

Phartycr0c                 Lynx

Phartycr0c                 Skyraider

Phartycr0c                 Talon 28 C


For me the Catalina will be a certainty with one or possibly two from the remainder. 


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24 minutes ago, BiggTim said:

I just want to actually get there one day, models be damned!!


Same here.


16 minutes ago, MARU5137 said:

Tim ...  COME  ON OVER....


you cannot leave it any longer.... and that goes to Phantom and the rest of the gang...


PLEASE.....thank you.




One day Maru, hopefully sooner rather than later. 



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10 hours ago, MikeC said:

I won't be too ambitious or rash, but pencil me in (black, possible build) for either a Swordfish or a 2F.1 Camel.


Oooh Interesting. If it sways your decision Mike, I forgot I have a completed Swordfish MK 1 that i can bring or not bring dependent on your decision.


9 hours ago, GrahamF said:

I think I can manage the Attacker. Green completed.

Seafang? does that count?




Graham, that would be great, and yes the Seafang is well in play. 


Phartycr0c                 Catalina

Phartycr0c                 Sea Hornet

Phartycr0c                 Helldiver

Phartycr0c                 Avenger

Phartycr0c                 Wessex

Phartycr0c                 Lynx

Phartycr0c                 Skyraider

Phartycr0c                 Talon 28 C

Phartycr0c                 Swordfish 

Mike C                        Swordfish

Mike C                        2F.1 Camel

Graham F                   Seafang

Graham F                   Supermarine Attacker


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3 hours ago, alaninaustria said:

When will it be in 2019? Can anybody recommend a good clean hotel or B&B within walking distance of the venue? Still contemplating...



The best hotel inTelford is the Premier Inn International Centre or the Travel Lodge International Centre but they need to book now.  Telford Premier inn reservations are open NOW  book now if you want to come.







Wait for link to load. Also tells you how far you are from the International Center.


Hope to see you next year.  Hooe this is helpful.


The Dates are :



Scale ModelWorld 2019

November 9, 2019 @ 10:00 am - November 10, 2019 @ 4:00 pm GMT


IPMS(UK) proudly announces the return of the world’s greatest fine scale model show.

Car parking, disabled access, refreshments, club and special interest group displays, trade stands, model competition (IPMS members only), demonstrations and kit swap.



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