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deHavilland Mosquito NF: FINISHED !

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I've had a good look at the instructions.


The NF doesn't have rockets or bombs.


I decided to go with a "closed" model. It's the idea to display one engine and the belly cannons outside the model.


Leaving one complete engine as spare.


So in fact there are many small parts I won't use.




Made the large wing today.Only ten parts.



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So many people on Youtube that started a build thread, never completing. I watched 35 episodes of one and then .... boom. Nothing. 

Seems like an endurance build. 700 parts +/-

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Lots of parts on the build!! Looks like fast progress on the wing. Are you going to brush paint this one? Could you do me a favour? Next time you take a pic of the wing, can you include a paint bottle in the pic so we can get a perspective on how large this build is?



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