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Williams Bros Caudron C450

Alain Gadbois

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Hi all!


This is my entry for the Colour My World GB. I took this kit out of the closet back in January, and upon opening the box, noticed 2 things: some work had already been done on the kit (which I had no recollection of!), and the canopy was missing. I mentioned the the missing part in the other Caudron build, and it was recommended I contact Williams Bros for a replacement. Sure enough, after doing that, an envelope with 2 very well protected canopies arrived at the door. I was too busy in other projects to do any work on the Caudron until now, but I think I can build this one before the end of the GB.




The contents inside:




Purchased in 1990!




The decal sheet looks fine!




Some of the work done, not that much really ...

A bit of assembly plus styrene strips in the cockpit:




Control surfaces cut away,




Brass tubing to spin the prop! 




The entry hatch cut away,




The new canopies well protected in blue styrofoam:






Reference material:






I am planning a bit of work this week end, so hopefully more on the Caudron in a couple days.


Thanks for watching!







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Nice choice.

Glad you like it. Looking in my stash, I found quite a few good subjects for this GB and the choice was difficult: Matchbox Sa Venom to do an Aquilon 20, Hasegawa YF-18 nos 2 or 3, Revell Do 27 Israeli sand and navy blue and of course the Caudron!


Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on this one Alain!  :popcorn:



Thanks a lot, Torben! I will try to keep this build simple...


I think I'm going to like this a lot.




I hope you do, Juraj!


looking at your receipt, I see you bought some pain with the plastic.  Hopefully not too much!

Interesting subject.  I'll be following.

I think it wore off since 1990! :lol:

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Hi all,


Here is the work I have managed to do this weekend:


First of all, when examining the work already done, I noticed the locating holes for the spats had been filled in. A bit illogical, as this could only mean an in flight configuration for the C460, yet the cockpit hatch was cut away. Maybe I changed my mind at some point...In any case I will model the C450 with fixed landing gear and open hatch.




I n a couple minutes, the plugs were pushed in and C460 wheel well contour detail sanded away.




Back to the cockpit area now. I filled in the inside of the wing fillet in case in will be visible in the finished model.  To make work easier, the floor/seat parts were broken off. Some molded in detail was also removed at this point.




Next I added small Evergreen strips to improve the structural details and added some brass wire to make the flap control rods.




Next I will look at the instrument panel.


By for now!


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  • 1 month later...

Hi Guys!

Back for a little update while being very busy with many projects!


A bit of Tamiya primer on the interior sections. This will be the final interior color. I could not find any color indications for the seat. Indeed, I don't even know if there was any sort of padding...I am tempted to add a brown seat cushion made out of wine foil.




The canopy does not fit to the fuselage and needs a good bit of sanding to obtain a curve that fits the shape. You can also notice the clarity is not so good.




My attention turned next to a general clean up of the wings and control surfaces. On the left wing top, a depression was present that I filled in with putty, and also I inserted a bit of strip styrene in the wing to shim it a bit.




I cleaned up the wheels and correct spats for the C450 and got rid of some big ejector pin marks on the inside.




This type of kit needs a bit of extra attention but it is a sound kit and it is going to be a nice little model!


Thanks for watching!



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Thanks Kevin!


A bit more photos today:


After gluing the wheel halves together I took a look at the wheel pants and there is quite a bit of flash to clean up. The top half is almost done in the picture.




After sanding and a couple coats of Tamiya primer the flaw in the left wing is gone.




A strip of styrene is glued inside the ailerons and allows then to slip in place in the wings. I will paint them separately.




Hollowing out the exhaust on the bottom of the fuselage using a razor saw and X-acto.




The next photo isn't as clear as I thought when it was taken this afternoon, but you can see the engraved lines scribed around the cowl panels. The ones going across the top and bottom will be done when the fuselage halves are glued together. 




I looked at photos in the Fanatique de l'aviation to find all the cockpit info I could gather. It seems there are shoulder belts, and no head rest. There is a throttle unit just in front of the removable hatch, but nothing precise and I will have to improvise.


Bye for today!



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Excellent work so far!   :clap2:


Quick question - I can't seem to find a clear photo of what the exhaust stacks looked like and as you know, the ones in the kit are a little rough. In your research, have you been able to find any photos?





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Thank you Juraj and John (and all the likes too!)


John, here is what I have found in the March 1982 issue of Le Fanatique de l'aviation. I don't usually copy photos but here are close ups of what you are looking for:


Good view of the first 2 stacks:



Not too clear, but you can see the angle formed by the stacks relative to the horizontal panel line above. I still have to trace that on the kit fuselage.



I am adding sides to the opening in the front cowl:






The vertical cylinders of the engine will be visible behind.


Bye for now,


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