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I've had the idea to do this conversion ever since Alleycat released their PR XI conversion a few years ago. I figured with the overall PRU blue, it would fit nicely in with this GB. The PCM kit is a great starting point as you're basically building it unarmed.





The contents are typical short run but nothing unexpected.





The Alleycat conversion set:



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The main concefn for me was checking the compatibility of the Alleycat canopy with the PCM fuselage. I taped the fuselage halves and checked the fit. It seems to be a reasonably close enough match.




I then started by removing the various wing bumps and bulges that were related to the gun armament.







The soft plastic that PCM uses makes this fairly simple. I'll fill the gun chutes next.



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does Alley cat provide the bulges under the wings ? do you build the " pressurized version



if .... you are interested , not a ref though .....



Hi Alain, Alleycat does supply the larger bulges that go near the gear bays as part of their conversion.


Thanks for the link to your build. It turned out really nice. The cockpit photos you have will come in handy.


I'll be doing the earlier non pressurized version to keep things a bit simpler.

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Cripes!! Where do you find the time and space to do so many builds??




Space is the big issue Don. I think I'm going to try and combine a couple Ikea Detolf display cabinets into a single larger one this summer and hopefully that will do it.


As for time, I usually manage a couple hours each day on average.

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