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Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force

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What a great summer. Tempratures in my hobby room are near plastic melting point. The Mirage makes only slow progress.


In a previous post I had my focus on the wing and the differences between the E and S. Of course I want to reflect the 'Swissness' in this built. However - before I glued the wings together,  I  blanked off the holes for the speed brakes. I also added some colored plastic pieces for the navigation lights. After some light sanding, the seemingly deep and wide panel lines from the kit become very neat and fine - perfect. I'm afraid, this sanding process must be done for the whole aircraft - also to get rid of the somewhat pebbly looking surface structure of this kit. Fit wise, I'm pretty pleased so  far - but the truth will show when I have to mate the wings to the fuselage.


For the 'Swissness' modifications I prepared a drawing and defined the panel lines that had to be filled with superglue and the layout for the new ones. This done, out came the needle.... and then more superglue and repeated efforts with the needle, superglue and sanding paper.... in any sequence. This is not really my strong part, but it had to be done. For the time being, I'm happy with the result, but latest when I start to paint the plane - all my misdoings will brightly show and give me away. 











with a coat of primer this will look better, but I will save that until the fuselage and wings are joined.


best, Robert


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Hi Alain


No - this Mirage is not dead!


But... I was busy with some other builds that are small scale... Matterhorn Circle is also a Club in Switzerland and we have 10 members. As such, we do themes for our shows - and it was not surprisingly RAF for the Basler Modellbautage that took place the past weekend. Therefore I build this:





and this





and this on the side (not RAF)




apologies to all offended LSP Members - I'm aware that I'm in the wrong scale.


Now I need a vacation - but upon my return, the Mirage thread will continue!



best, Robert



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On 6/6/2018 at 10:27 AM, MatterOne said:

Nose Job







For those of you who decide to build a Mirage IIIS, I provide the .STL file required to print out the nose with a 3D printer. Download: Mirage_3S_Radome_ultrtafine.stl



best, Robert

If someone prints one out and can send it to me, I can refine it it in resin. You will get the printed and resin copy back when done...

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