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  1. Plasto

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    How big is the domestic Chinese market for scale model kits? I don’t personally know. But I suspect it’s a reasonable market size. When I lived there, there were a few Chinese language model magazines in the book store. So it’s concieveable that that market could suck up quite a few kits. I suppose naturally we think in a western centric way but the market is probably far larger more so for a product in its domestic market..
  2. Plasto

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    I wonder if the airfoil profile chosen has something to do with the construction method for the kit? looking at the sprue photos. The wings seemingly fit onto a spar (that I think also acts as the top of the wheel well and provides the location point for the landing gear legs) this Spar is seemingly almost full wing width as evidenced by the slot. being the shape it currently is gives a full width spar which gives the model wings a good location and probably reasonable rigidity. If the correct wing profile was used then the spar would have to be thinner to get the full wing width and therefore be potentially less ridged. Or not as wide but taller to fit into the taller aerofoil shape. Which probably means some sort of location arrangement on the inner wing surfaces. To correct the wing I think means new upper wings at least and then you also have to deal with the wing location spar as currently its sized and located for the current aerofoil profile. its an interesting problem..
  3. Plasto

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Yes Jennings you are 100% correct in everything you say. I am completely wrong.
  4. Plasto

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Pricing surely is down to the local distributor and the margins they and the retailer set. But we know that as it’s well discussed all across model forum land for a variety of manufacturers. Tamiya is expensive here Trumpeter expensive there. Airfix costly north Eduard costly south ad infinitum... So do a possible tactic would be to complain to the distributor for a given market that the kits ‘accuracy’ is not worth the price being set. If it was cheap would the accuracy level be more acceptable??
  5. Plasto

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    I have no doubt the ire of modellers worldwide is earned. We’re a demanding bunch and expect perfection in everything released. Multi page posts on multiple forums have no impact on Trumpeter. As a consumer group we need to find a different way to influence them. How about we crowd fund a trip for some respected modellers to pay Yatai electric appliances a visit..... Then we can look em in the eye..
  6. Plasto

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Its part of the human condition. We all need something to dislike its part of us at a base level. We also like to gather together when something unfortunate is going on. Kids gathering round for a school yard fight or motorists rubber necking at a crash on the highway. Trumpeter ‘quality threads’ pop up on forums all the time. Often with the same folk ‘cheer leading’. There’s ultimately no real conclusion to the threads as Trumpeter keep themselves to themselves and don’t engage with modellers directly. this I think leads to a degree of frustration as increasingly we’re used to companies engaging with us Airfix for example run good social media. AMK are learning engagement can be a two edged sword if done poorly with the f-14. ’If only they had spoken to xyz about the xxxx then it would be more accurate’ is often used. Really when you look at it Trumpeter are not really any different to the majority of kit companies. They have some really good kits a lot of average kits and some not so good kits. Where they differ is they release a lot of kits. One thing is for sure. Forum posts generally don’t influence Trumpeter. This one won’t either but it will make us feel good.
  7. TBH the differences between a 1b Bubbletop and 1b late cardoor Typhoon are not as manifest as a -5 and -3 Hellcat differences. What they may do who knows..
  8. A nice AM sculpt of this fellow in 1/24 would be good..
  9. Makes sense. Why add cost when the pilot figure is relatively dispensable and not seen by most of your customer base as a deal breaking item. Traditions are nice if you can afford them..
  10. Build it as a Drone... Problem solved.
  11. It’s hardly disengenuous.
  12. What pilot figure would you run with as a manufacturer? Given in 1/24 the differences between say a FAA pilot and his equipment and a USN pilot would be noticeable?? So perhaps one of those things best left to the aftermarket to resolve.. someone can do a really nice sculpt of a variety of pilots and everyone is happy..
  13. The red surround on the star and bar was very short lived introduced in June 1943 and phased out in September 1944 IIRC.. does look good though. My favourite F6f image is this one... https://flic.kr/p/PaRi8B
  14. This is interesting. Lots of insights to manufacture. Filmed in 1944 it captures -3 and early -5 Hellcats..
  15. There are lots of small detail changes between a -3 and -5 in addition to the large ‘ticket’ items mentioned and that also included cowl changes.. Also -3’s seemingly varied as production mods rolled out. So what -3 do you go for?? Being in 1/24 all that small stuff ends up being quite large..