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  1. Plasto

    Wingnut Wings Photo - Clues?

    WnW are smart cookies.. They read forums keep an ear to the ground. They also know that any photo is going to be analysed, discussed etc.. is the photo a meme playing to the French and Italian comments that always pop up around WnW threads?? Personally I’d have chucked a Bf109 and Spitfire book on the desk and Watched model forums implode....
  2. Plasto


    I think that subcontracting out tooling , production decals and printing is just actually good business sense concentrating on design, research, marketing and brand values makes more sense and means you need a smaller team. Having that business significantly underwritten by a monied owner is good news and we cannot blame that owner if he wants the company he is underwriting to produce the items he wants not what the internet wants ( which is a highly fluid thing) As the adage goes if you cannot please everyone please yourself. Personally if I was investing my cash that’s what I’d do... My considered view is if the WnW Lanc was going to be a ‘better’ kit and less expensive than the other market incumbent then the level of ‘disbelief’ and AOBO currently circulating around model forum world would not be as acute. We’re basically spoilt.. Even in the context of modeling it’s not really a big deal. The market will correct itself for both incumbents.
  3. Plasto

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    All revealed at the following link.... https://hobbylink.tv/the-latest-scale-model-news-from-the-all-japan-model-hobby-show-2018/ scroll down to the WnW images.... All is revealed....
  4. Plasto


    It might be 0 Ww1 subjects or it might be A SPAD XIII.. We get no say in the matter. The Lancaster announcement squarely tell us what drives WnW’s is not market views or needs... You have have to like it or lump it..
  5. Plasto


    WnW is also a small company. Here is my reading of what is socially acceptable when it comes to kit releases of identical subjects. If the second entrant is significantly cheaper this is ok. Everyone likes a bargain. If the second entrant produces a subject not ‘normal’ for them this could be ok depending on the company and subject. If the second entrant is owned by a millionaire film producer it’s not ok. As this contravenes a whole bunch of rules. If the second entrant is a small company pluckily bringing the subject to market this is ok. If the second entrant has great detail and build ability underwritten with great research and is more expensive this is probably not ok.... What’s actually happening is we’re in the nexus of an incredible time in plastic modelling with 100’s of kits available of subjects and in scales not seen before.. Dispite that we’re not happy and filled with faux outrage and petulance on a reasonably consistent basis around new releases.
  6. Plasto


    Hard to be annoyed when there is nothing ‘written in stone’ the WNW has to produce any new kits of any subjects.
  7. Plasto


    I think Wingnut Wings can be what ever they want to be and produce whatever they want to produce. If we look at what we know prima facie. We know that Wingnut films and Peter Jackson have been working on a film project of Dambusters for a number of years including a number of 1:1 scale replicas. NZ has a real 1:1 scale Lancaster at MOTAT in Auckland and there is a tangible connection between 617 squadron the 'Dambusters' and New Zealand. So if your a millionaire film director with a passion for aviation in the midst of a project to remake a classic british war film happen with a heap of research in the project bank and you own a model kit company that produces what you personally feel like. Is it any real surprise that said model kit company is producing a Lancaster bomber in Dambuster variant?? If Wingnut follow their current standard on tooling and research the kit will be superb. So rather then a bad day for the large scale Modelling world it's actually a good day. I don't think there is any hard and fast rule that says if company X produces something then company Y cannot... No one complained when Revell released it's 1/32 P51D to complete with the existent Tamiya kit AFAIK.... We basically complain too much IMHO....
  8. Plasto

    Question about Revell's Seafire

    A Seafire 1b was basically a Navalised Vb as per the Wikipedia article Mike posted earlier. The old Revell kit is a Spitfire 1a or II or at a pinch in a dark room at 20 paces could pass as a Va.... The older Revell kits originate from much gentler times so applying a modern critical lens is probably a bit harsh... Whatever you decide to do with it have fun....
  9. Plasto

    Question about Revell's Seafire

    If you want a more accurate Seafire 1 then you would be better off starting with a better base kit of the Vb than the Revell kit provides. However older Revell kits have a charm of their own so building it nicely OOB would yeild a nice if not too accurate model.
  10. Plasto

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    WnW’s operation is discussed at length in this excellent podcast... https://itunes.apple.com/nz/podcast/on-the-bench/id1262869310?mt=2&i=1000414450000 worth listening to.. It explains concisely why they pick the subjects they do and out of that you learn to understand that no amount of forum ‘discussion’ will really influence that process... HTH John
  11. Plasto

    Revell P51-D

    Plasmo is the YouTube guy.... I don’t have a YT channel as such but I do have a IG account... Check out gadfly models. Anyhow glad your like the build. Cheers John
  12. Hi, I have never built a WnW kit before , and was feeling enthused to build one after listening to an interview with Richard Alexander on the OTB podcast which I listen to as I commute to work..However I do find myself with 2 in the stash.. A Snipe which was an Xmas present and a SE5a' Hisso' which was in our club bring and buy sale for a reasonable $40.00. Since both of these feature a reasonable amount of rigging which is a bit off putting from the perspective of you might stuff it up and ruin a nice (and expensive) kit. I thought I'd try my hand at the Junkers D.1 a monoplane with almost no rigging. To get my hand in... So I have made a start and have been experiencing the things that make WnW 'famous'. The fit on the cockpit parts has been really good the whole assembly pretty much 'clicks' together and you can dry-fit and then disassemble for paint.. Im in the process of doing the base paint on the cockpit parts ATM then the decals then the PE and then button that up before moving onto the engine.... I really like the clever cutouts / slots for the seatbelts to sit in.. Cheers John...
  13. Plasto

    Revell P51-D

    Hi All, I finally got round to adding a bit of paint to the P-51... [/url] A few more things to do before the decals.. Cheers John
  14. My Flaps have arrived. They are superb... I can now progress with my build... Cheers John
  15. You still have to fill the Revell wings...Admittedy not as much as the Tamiya wings but it still has to be done if you want factory smooth wings....