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Revell 1/32 HAF F-4E SRA

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Hi all!

One reason why my Corsair build has slowed down is that I have taken part in a Facebook group build.

The subject is the world famous F-4 Phantom II.

For my build I decided to use Revell's 1/32 F-4F kit to depict a worn out Greek F-4E SRA with 

I will also be using the following aftermarket detail sets:

  • Legend's resin F-4E cockpit
  • Real Model's resin slatted stabilizers
  • GT Resin's exhausts
  • DEF Model's resin wheels and FOD covers
  • Eduard's placards
  • Airscale's dataplates and instruments




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And the build begins!

Although Legend's cockpit set isn't very detailed I decided to use it as it also provides side wall panels and of course ejection seats.

Preparing the plastic fuselage parts wasn't too complicated and only involved the removal of plastic from the rear and the coaming itself.

I realised the resin front instrument panel and coaming would need some support so I build up the sides with plastic strips.






The resin cockpit tub was quite a large piece but only needed just a bit of sanding to make it seat correctly in the fuselage.




I also build up the front wheel well in order to test fit everything. Some injection holes were covered with plastic discs made with a punch n' die set.




Everything went in place with little fuss! 






The rear instrument panel was detailed up with some lead wire.




Next step, painting!  :hmmm:

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All parts were initially primed and then sprayed with Ammo cockpit grey.

To paint the different panels some tedious masking was required.




But the result was nice and sharp! Detail painting of the switches and instrument gauges followed next.












More updates to come soon!

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Looks really nice Spyros. If it's not too late, I'll suggest some Airscale cockpit decals - they add a level of awesome that it's hard to get any other way.





Thanks Jim!  :D

Great minds think alike! ;)

I have an Airscale sheet so managed to incorporate a few instrument gauges into the front and rear panels.

So now it's a mix of hand painting and decals.

Will be uploading an update shortly.

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