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Zinc Chromate Yellow


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Thanks, I am an enamel/laquer kind of guy, but bought Tamiya acrylic just for this. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. This is for my next project.



Testors makes a very nice enamel YZC primer color, but its not in their normal Model Master paint series:




It can be ordered on line, as I have not had much luck finding it locally where I live here in the US Mid-west.   

I used this color on my Trumpy SU-30MKK, and had great luck with it.........no mixing involved. I did use variations of the color, by lightening it in certain places with white or gray to get a more faded color on top:








The bottom has the non-mixed/lightened color:










Was very pleased with how the color laid down.  



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Actually, Model Master does make a YZC, number 4851 in their Acryl line.  I'm holding two bottles right now (amazing I can still type).


Check the colors tho (as always) - various manufacturers interpretation of YZC varies widely.  Tamiya's XF-4 is browner than the MM Acryl or Enamels.


And Brian - just one word:  DAMN!!!

That is gorgeous work.  DAMN!

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