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Lukgraph Vought SBU-1 Corsair, VS-42

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Hi guys,

Let me present you my recently finished Vought SBU-1 from Lukgraph.


You can take a look at WIP thread here


Build took me 2 months. It`s really nice and quite easy kit of beautiful plane. No fit issues, nice decals and simple ringing. Wing struts aligment and vacuformed canopy were the biggest challenges for me.

Painted with Mr. Color, Mr. Paint and Alclads paints. Filters, Pigments and panel line washes from AMMO.


this is already my 3rd resin Navy biplane finished this year so it`s time to start with something different (search and rescue calls my name)  :)


thanks for looking and all your comments are welcomed





















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   I followed your build from day one, and all those extra details and detailing really paid off. If nothing else, the tube interior frame really makes the interior pop. But the incredible paint scheme with the toning of the Alcad paints to simulate dope fabric really is something I've never seen before, and it's most effective. Looking forward to your next build. :yahoo:  :wow:  :thumbsup: 


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