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Another Wingnut Wings build - DH9A Ninak

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Hello ,


For now two and a half year I am addicted to Wingnut Wings and have build nothing else in that time.

If you have ever tried to build one of their kits you know what quality is and don't want go back to normal stuff.


For me it is the first time to start a full building thread on this forum , before I have only posted final pictures in Ready for Inspection.


I guess most of you know the DH9A Ninak , it was one of the latest planes developed during WW1 on british side.

It was powered with a ( for it's time ) very strong 400 hp V12 Liberty engine and with it's top speed of 192 km/h it was on the same level as most single seater fighters.


The kit comes with 295 parts and will be a nice challenge with a lot of rigging and large size.


So let's get it on , this is the box photo :




And the version I want to build is the one from the box cover.




Every big thing starts with small parts , the first thing I did was to improve the kit parts for the Lewis ammonition drums with PE from HGW.







Hope you like this "old" planes and follow this thread with comments and tips for improvement.



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First parts of the interior , I really like these comfortable looking british style with lots of wood and leather :).

The pilot's wicker seat :




Pilots Headrest and observers seat :




And the full packed instrument panel.

For the placement of the small decals I needed the help of a good magnifying lens and very steady hand.





First pictures of the cockpit , at this stage the side parts were not glued and glue would not be nessesary at all to keep it together , that is what I call excellent fit.








Almost complete , added observers camera and seat. Also the instrument board. Not much more then seat belts missing.





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Very nice start ! Will be watching.........Harv :popcorn:

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Guest Peterpools


Terrific start and will be following every step of the way

Keep 'em coming


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Hi , it good to see that there are so many who are interested in these old planes.

Don't want to let you wait too long , so I have made a little progress. The Liberty 12 Cylinder engine is ready. A little gem and also easy to build.

Complete building time was around 5 hours , painting and aging included.

But I have saved a lot of time and work by leaving out the ignition wiring. 24 spark plugs and wiring and even with opened engine cowling nothing will be visible.










The fuselage inside was also painted in wood color , as usual first XF-59 desert yellow followed by oil colours.



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Peter fantastic update. Thanks for headsup about not much being visible from thr engine wiring with the engine covers even off. Don't know if i will bother either when i get to start building my ninak! Lovely stuff you're doing!



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I cannot take MY eyes off the Exquisiteness of the whole fuselage and the Cockpit.


I can almost smell the wood and leather...








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It's sunday again and this means time for an update on my Ninak build.

The fuselage is now closed and also airbushed with the base paints , Gunze RLM 75 for the grey parts and for the PC10 a mix of Gunze RLM81 and Gunze Hemp.

Air intakes on the motor got a minor improvement by drilling them to a more realistic material thickness.

The exhausts are not glued jet just sticked to the motor.

A few details were painted black and the cooler intake were painted wood.


Following a few pictures of the status today.













Hope you like it so far.



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