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Hasegawa N1K2 George

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As has become an annual tradition with me, on new year eve, I always pick a kit that has never received any work, and begin assembling it. This year the kit of choice (I’ve actually been looking forward to this for a couple months now), is the funky anime boxing of the Hasegawa N1K2 George (I will not be using these markings, opting for a 343rd Kokutai machine instead, probably).


The kit itself is utterly gorgeous, and it is my hope that by not mangling it, I might actually end up with something decent looking from this kit, and if so, will be taking it to our annual contest/swap meet this coming September.




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'Pit is completely assembled, and with any luck at all, I'll spritz on the interior color this afternoon. One minor problem did occur; control stick has a pin that protruded too far below the 'pit floor, so that needed to be trimmed away so that the stick would seat properly while I glued it up. I broke the stick off during this process, but was able to mend it OK.


Also, the oxygen bottles (or whatever they are), cannot be installed on side panels at this stage, as they protrude through the bulkhead that seat attaches to, and would pose an impossible assembly problem later, so they're just sitting in place right now, but not glued.


Likewise, radio (I think) would be almost impossible to detail paint if installed now, so that will be glued in later (not that anyone will ever see it).



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Neat!  I have the normal boxing of this, and it indeed looked like SUPER kit in the box.   Looking forward to more! 


The surface detail, especially on the wings, is absolutely outstanding, Brian. Quality throughout is very high, and it's my strong hope to end up with something decent looking from it.

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Nice kit choice.


I look forward to more .Neat clean start



cannot wait till you get to the figure and the rabbit.




I won't be using the figure for anything, certainly not for this model. I really don't get the whole anime thing.


Coming along very good. keep us posted. I may have to get one of those kit.




Thanks, Ed, it's an awesome kit.

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Well it certainly didn't take long for a problem to arise. Somehow, while the tail sections were setting up, one of them shifted and has now set up hard as a rock, and crooked as heck. I'll saw it off and re-glue it, but I still find it annoying.





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