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Welcome to the Jurassic Plastic Group Build!


This Group Build is a tribute to former LSP staff member Dan Lo Russo, who passed away earlier this year. Not only was Dan a terrific modeller, but also a well-known and respected dinosaur sculptor.


So, in honour of Dan's dinosaur affiliations, Jurassic Plastic will focus on LSP kits released prior to 1984 (subject to negotiation for edge cases). There are no other restrictions, other than our standard 25% rule, which requires all entries to be less than 25% completed at the date of entry. This means anything from straight OOB, to scratch-built conversions, are all fair game.


Jurassic Plastic will run from 1 November 2016 to 30 April 2017.


Have fun!



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Hi Kev,


    I saw the questions of the Tomy Japanese Fighters if they qualify?

I have the Swallow George that has a Copyright Date of 1988.

Since Tomy came first, I think they are older than 1984.






I don't have dates for those kits, Jack, but I'm pretty sure you're right. I think they all came out in the late '70s.



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