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Update-2/13/20-1/16, M1A1HA Abrams, w/ TUSK I upgrades

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For what it's worth here is what I have been up to for the last 6 months with respect to modeling.


I have been converting a RTR RC 1/16 M1A1 Abrams into a state of the art RC model of a M1A1HA with the T.U.S.K I (Tank Urban Survival Kit) along with the C.S.A.M (Counter Sniper Anti Material) fit.


Here is what I am building. Pictures are posted under the Fair Use Act for instructional purposes only.






So far I have completely striped, reinforced and rebuilt the lower hull and running gear. I have installed a state of the art Electronic Tank Control Board. The board controls Main Gun Recoil with sound, Turbine Engine start, run and shut down, Main Gun Elevation and Traversing with Motion Stabilization (Target Tracking) as well as controlling the Forward, Reverse and Turn functions. The Control Board has 109 programmable functions though not all are applicable to my installation. It is controlled with an 8 Channel Transmitter/Receiver with Tank Specific Software.


I have started the work on the Upper Hull re-detailing by completely reworking the Rear Hull Engine Deck replacing existing detail with more accurate styrene hatches and access covers. I still have a long way to go but once finished I will have a very accurate, functional RC model of one Bad Ass Tank!


The complete build up to now can be seen here. https://www.rctankwarfare.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=201&t=18880


Loving ever minute of it!


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More accurate title
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WOW Barry, very nice. The 50's are the bees knee's . Thanks for the link......Harv :popcorn:

You are welcome Harv! If you're interested in Large Scale Armor it a great site. The folks are very friendly like here. :thumbsup:



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Barry please turn over your Alien 1/16 shrink ray.

  You have been damasked here at LSP.



I have spent the better part of a Light year reading your 44 page WIP at Rc Tanks. Your attention to detail, scratch building ability in styrene and brass is amazing. 

Fantastic Job for an Alien




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7 hours ago, Uncarina said:



Stellar work. You have taken scratchbuilding this tank to a whole new level, and your photos here are just the tip of the iceberg! Rock on!


Cheers,  Tom



Thank you and remember who's responsible for my turn to RC Tanks. ;)



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Here are some pics of the External Aux Power Unit (EAPU), Smoke Grenade Launchers and the Muzzle Reference Sensor (MRS).


The EAPU is from the Trumpeter M1A1 kit assembled with all the detail sanded away.










Smoke Grenade Launchers






















Thanks for looking in.


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  • Barry changed the title to Update-2/13/20-1/16, M1A1HA Abrams, w/ TUSK I upgrades

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