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A-6A Intruder Trumpeter 1/32


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Of the record, i'm not American Lu, i'm from Belgium. But indeed, American jets are sometimes personalized. Here in Belgium also pilots do not have theire own jet to play with.





  :oops: :oops: :doh: :doh:


A year a go I saw the F-16 Belgian Air Display.

It was incredible!!!!!




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While watching the photos, I can`t understand, is it weathered or not? :)

Hi, thanks for your comment.

Saying the truth, it is weathered, but I decided to weathered it very very light.

For two main reasons.

1) I noticed that almost 90% of A-6's pictures i saw during Vietnam era, they weren't too much dirty. You could see the dirt just in close up portraits.

2) As my good friend always says to me: You alway have to think to reproduce the dirt and weathering in the same scale of the plane. The weathering in 1:32 it is completely different of the weathering in 1:1.

I tried to use a weathering tecnique like a make up techinique in beauty photos. The best is when there is but you don't see it. :-) :-)

Well this is my idea, now after just 6 models done, maybe after more other dozen i will change my mind. :-) :-)




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