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  1. Hello all, what would it take to covert Revell's 1/32 RF-4C into a USMC B model? Can it be done without too much headache? Thanks.
  2. Could have been a Miramar Tomcat used for Top Gun Training, not actually Iranian.
  3. So how did you go from an idea to having the printed parts in your hand? I am just getting into printing and haven't got past the test prints yet.
  4. Mine did the same thing, I thought I wouldn't be able to place my order.
  5. I'm partial to the Intruder, I used to work on them.
  6. Chicago hub is a sore spot for me, they have actually returned my packages back overseas for no reason and when I placed a trace on it, they couldn't find it. I lost a Trumpeter 1/350 carrier that way. Took me 9 months to get it replaced.
  7. Might have to wait until the company who bought the molds starts producing new kits and buy replacements from them.
  8. I have those two among the 12-15 other KH kits and mine all look ok. I guess I also got lucky with the MH-60S as mine included the M197 gun which some say they didn't get.
  9. Hello all, wondering if there are any out yet or coming out for any of the 1/35 H-60 series. The color etch looks ok, but it's two dimensional and highly visible in that big cockpit. I've got several Black Hawks and Sea Hawks from Kitty Hawk and Academy I'd like to have 3D prints for. Thanks.
  10. Hello, which book are these photos and the engine photos from?
  11. Someone in here did a build post of an EA-6A, and if not for some of the builds comparing them to the real ones, I might not have noticed the shape issue and the lack of vents on the Trumpeter tanks, but now that I've seen the errors, it's now very noticeable to me.
  12. Hello al, does anyone make accurate 1/32 A-6 Intruder drop tanks? I'm eventually going to build a KA-6D tanker. Thanks.
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