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  1. Hello, which book are these photos and the engine photos from?
  2. Someone in here did a build post of an EA-6A, and if not for some of the builds comparing them to the real ones, I might not have noticed the shape issue and the lack of vents on the Trumpeter tanks, but now that I've seen the errors, it's now very noticeable to me.
  3. Hello al, does anyone make accurate 1/32 A-6 Intruder drop tanks? I'm eventually going to build a KA-6D tanker. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have the Tamiya F-4E, Wolfpack conversion in the stash, and the DXM decals on the way. Is there any reason I would need the Tamiya EJ kit instead of the E? Thanks.
  5. Hey Dave. I'd be in for it, but I'd rather have them in 1/32 because I could fit more kits in my house. Ken
  6. Very nice! I used to work on those back in the day.
  7. I'll need to check mine, I have two of them on the shelf.
  8. Revell F-14 Tomcat OOB and spray can painted, less than 1 week. It's been completely redone once as VF-142, and partially redone a second time as VF-31 before I lost interest and put it on the shelf.
  9. I don't think the current scheme has been done in 1/32 yet. I've been waiting for it. I actually work in their hangar and get to see them every day. There are no less than three different variations on their planes with font sizes and styles. I did a walkaround a couple of years ago in case I have to make my own.
  10. I'd buy one in 1/32, also would buy a Rafale in 1/32.
  11. You didn't mention which model you have there, "A" or "E", but I'm looking at my "E" version and there are two sprues with both types of fuel tanks. It actually has enough parts for 6 tanks, 4 with one fin and 2 with two fins. I used to work on Intruders a long time ago and from what I can remember, the only ones I saw with the two fin tanks were older ones with it on the center line, the later ones had a center line tank without any fins or just one fin like on the wings. I've noticed two issues with the kit tanks, there are no vent slots molded or scribed at the aft end, and they seem a litt
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