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Curtiss Kittyhawk (P-40E, Hasegawa)

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I know, I know...how "unoriginal"...But, it's something I've had in my stash (out of maybe six 1/32 scale kits). And growing up as a kid,it was my favorite fighter aircraft. I loved the shark mouth and this aircraft is synonymous with it, but much to my disappointment, discovered that it was an "average" fighter at best.

My original intent was to build Robert Lee Scott's mount, but this is Winkle's build, so I might opt for RAF's 112 squadron -- the originators of the shark-mouth scheme.

Mostly OOTB and another "learning" build. It's a a big aircraft! I have Revell's G-6 on the bench at the moment and the Kittyhawk looks portly in comparison!



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Nice choice Shaka. I built the P-40N version and have another to build at some point.


Most people attach the tail section halves separately to the corresponding front halves rather than following the instructions which makes you join them as subassemblies. It helps to make a smoother join.



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Good choice.  The first 1:32 model I ever built was Revell's old P-40E when it was first available here in the UK, and I've had a soft spot for this aircraft ever since.

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Thanks Gents...I assembled the cockpit and will be employing a primer coat along with a natural metal coat so that I can reproduce any type of chipping vs using the silver colored pencil as I did in the Spitfire build. I do confess -- while the extra paint does produce a better output, I can hardly notice it when the cockpit's in place.


I tried the technique using the G-6..notice how much larger the P-40 is? My goodness, I can just see the potential fit issues with this kit. I've found perhaps two builds of this particular kit on this forum and will need to study their construction techniques and/or deviations. I've ordered decals for the 112 Squadron and have ordered some HGW belts, but I'm still pondering about the use of masks..Thanks for reading.





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I don't think the word "small" exists in American dictionaries! :)



So true, Max...and this obsession with size seems to permeate everything in our society/culture -- cars in particular. Even the latest Japanese, Korean, European cars seems to get larger each successive model year due to our marketing influence. I drive a compact sports coupe and I feel small and vulnerable everyday I fight the traffic on the way to and from work!

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