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Bandai 1/24 N1K2 George

Shawn M

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While Im finishing up my spitfire, I decided to start crackin on this beast.


Starting with the engine I made a bunch of bits:

Cylinder head baffles with tubes on the front row of jugs

lots of detail added to the crank case/prop controls

added hardlines between the valve covers on the front

added breather tubes on the back between cylinder heads





Redid the spark plug wires in solder instead of the provided vinyl tube.





Built the VERY fiddly engine mount and got the firewall and intake. I've left off LOTS of detail bits here as they wont be seen.





engine resting in place




I started the seat rework too, its not the right shape at all!





Once I get the seat done its time for the pit, there is so much BS Im gonna correct and create this will take a while.

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Sat down last night and started scratching the cockpit details.

Finished the seat reshaping and started building the rudder pedal assembly.

Also ordered my Airscal PE cockpit bezel set.

I'll snap some pics tonight after some more progress.

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Update, got the right side details and floor wrapped up, started on the seat and what will become the new rear bulkhead


Heavily reworked Seat:



Over all mock up, the "frame" the seat us on will go by by















as you can see, not much left of anything from the kit.

The base shapes I used (green) are the radios from the kit.

The Pedals are kit bits reworked....thats it

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