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Trumpeter Ju-87B-2

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Glad to complete another one without it migrating to the "shelf of doom"! Pretty easy build aside from that pesky wing seam. I used the last of my gunze aqueous RLM 70/71 for the top colors with assorted Tamiya for the rest and used the terrific HGW seat belts. I painted the wing crosses, but used the kit decals for everything else. Not my best work overall, but I hope you like!










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If that's not your best, then WOW! I can't wait to see what you would consider to be your better work, because I think it looks fantastic. Great finish, subtle and realistic weathering and just a solid overall job of modeling. :thumbsup:



Thanks John,


I know where the warts are and where I got lazy... I didn't focus on them for the pictures. For instance, the instructions don't direct you to add the underwing bomb racks, but they should be there and the under wing crosses are wrong as well. I ended up rushing and using the decals on the fuselage. They're pretty noticeable on the starboard side, probably because of poor prep work.


Overall, I got rushed because I got the Tamiya Corsair for Christmas and I've been chomping at the bit to start it. However, I didn't want to put this one aside. It looks good in my case and looks pretty good as a "3 footer"! So I'm pretty happy with it.

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I like it a lot, Leo! Do you have any more photos? I'd love to publish them on the website, but only 4 is not quite enough.



Hi Kevin,


I can send you some more. How many photos do you like to have? I can probably get a shot of the belly and some in progress shots as well.




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