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Hi guys,as you may know i have posted some pictures of the cockpit already, this is my new proyect, i hope it will turn ok, this time i will build in a different sequence, i will start with all the smal pieces like cockpit, engine, landing gear, doors , and extra aftermarket pieces then i will start putting all together, so in the beggining you only will see pictures of this parts then will come the build itself.

I started with the EDUARD resin cockpit modified so it will be a 1A, here are some pictures










too bad that most of the details will be hidden once the cockpit is close in the fuselage, that is why i took this pictures

this is the model engine, just added the wires, the exhaust is just dry fit at the moment, but the joint of the exhaus wont be visible thanks to the cowling flap doors








also added the accesories gear box to the back of the engine, some of it will be visible after it is done


one modification will be the removal of the left side access panel for the portion between the engine and the fuel tank



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What a tremendous start on this pit !!

I also see that you plan to use the engine accessory kit :)  I am all head over feet as this is the first time I will see one being built online !

Hope you will like it and I will be following with GREAT interest ;)

:popcorn:  :popcorn:  :popcorn:

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I think the undercarriage looks very nice. I just mounted my U/C struts in my Corsair today. Keep in mind the clearance between the side of the tyre and the forward "spade" door is VERY close, as in, maybe the width of a #2 pencil.


My Barracuda tyres have just been cleaned up and are drying out prior to painting tomorrow.



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