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Silver Wings P-6E Hawk

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Guest Peterpools


Fantastic start on the Curtiss Hawk ... the front office and IP look tremendous. I have mine neatly tucked away for later this year and surely will be taking lots of notes on your build.

Keep 'em coming


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This build is not dead !


Actually i only worked on it a very few at a time. And the Jean-Luc's P-6E build thread made me wanted to get back to my WIP.


It has progressed a lot since january. The fuselage is closed, most small details are added, control cable holes are hollowed, inner wing struts are glued, and strut locating holes are drilled on the lower and upper wings.

I had to do it twice for the upper wing as the first time, my locating holes were too much ouside of the wing and this resulted in the struts being too shorts. So i filled the holes with CA and did it again. 

Now it's ok. :)



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Small update for this one... Unfortunately i forgot to take pictures of interesting things...

Everything is built, cleaned and primed now. I'm making the scheme with feathers and claws. However, i thought using the decals would be painful, and i dont ever think they would all work (especially those for the wheel spats).

So i'm still studying masks for these wheel spats. I use the decals as a basis, but adapt them to get what i want with tamiya tape. (First, the wheel spats were glued, than i filled the join with CA, sanded it smooth and rescribed the line).







The last weekend, i also painted everything that must be yellow and there was a lot ! The Chrome yellow is custom mix based on pure yellow with a bit of orange yellow. It received a lot of coats finally, as i was not satisfied with the result at the first try (too much yellow... too much orange... back with more yellow and so on....) :







And to change a bit, i painted the propeller. The blades were first coated with tamiya gloss black from the spraycan, highly polished with a UMP polishing stick and then received a coat of AK Chrome. I thought the chrome was too dark, so i sprayed a new coat of polished aluminium and after buffing them a bit with a soft clothe i think it' just perfect (it's not really noticeable on the picture, but when you put your finger close to the blades, you can see it reflected).

After various unsuccessful tries to paint the hub as i want, i went for tamiya bare metal silver from the spraycan.


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I've just noticed that it's actually almost 1 year i started this build, and most of the time, this poor P-6 spent its time on my desk covered with dust... I wont let you alone again cute little bird !


Yesterday, i tried to apply the first decals, on the upper wing. The decals are very good quality, not fragile, very thin, with an almost invisible carrier support. And i did not even gloss coated before, just slightly buffed the part. The only downside is that the white color seems a bit translucent, and so after being applied, the color is not so white anymore (strangely it looks a bit pinky). However, on the pictures it's not noticeable at all, so it may just be me.... i'll have to check what it looks like when everything will be done. If necessary, i'll try to mask the decals and spray over the white with the same ivory color than the rest of the model.






Then i spent a lot of time making masks for the intricate feathers scheme on the fuselage. Decals are supplied and they must be easier than these on the wheel spats, but to be sure to get each colors matching together, i prefered to paint everything. I used the decals as templates to cut masks in tamiya tape. I modify some to get something closer from what i can see on some pictures. Sorry i forgot to take pictures of the model with masks just before painting. This evening, i'll spay the olive drap and unmask everything. I hope everything will be ok. :)



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