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  1. We can talk in Telford
  2. A few of my findings regarding the B17 Bit'O'Lace. I built but only 1/48 http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=36342&hilit=harvy5+bit+o+lace
  3. Last Miloslav models are perfect .... I watch it on modelforum.cz
  4. It is difficult. This model UBK as I started to do, but now is the Su-25T. In the moment, I had serious health problems.During the weekend but starts again on the model of Su-25
  5. Good job. I would be interested cockpit in this upgraded version with ICAO responder. It's SO-69 or some other type.THX
  6. It's as Zero77 writes. Several years I have the Su-25 work every day as crew chief, and then again as contractor during repairs. For modeler is the most important of all camo is inaccurate. Additionally or colors reversed (green-sand ), ignorance of Soviet regulations of camouflage aircraft. Decals are at least proportionally for Czechoslovakia completely wrong and in bad colors. The instructions are again a mixture of both models Su-25 and Su-25UB and they differed significantly. And now shape. Trumpeter mixed in one model All versions Su-25, Su-25K, BM, UB, UBK T. So it looks as the F-16A, B, C, D, E, F all series in one. Most are on the ailerons. Used only in the plane until 1986, later it had only 12 Czechoslovakia, and the right not trimer. And there's more. For me, all the Soviet aircraft from Trumpeter are a big disappointment.
  7. Nice work, if only the model was not so bad.
  8. It was an even bigger mistake. Neither of camo Trumpeter is not good.
  9. :goodjob: looks very good!!! You got too much green. I sent you a photo of the Red 59, Linden Hill have bad colors in the instructions.
  10. Always I like when someone makes my love, Frogfoot. The cockpit is gorgeous, but two mistakes you got. Air intakes for engine were of anodized aluminum, so he was up in yellow shades. Before overhaul. The second error as tanks.They have de-stabilizers on front and no stabilizers, and in the back have bad shape.Plus details...
  11. 90% of the work is done. With flaps I spent about 2 hours and I have already had the strength to do better. However, I have at least good deflection.
  12. After a long time I found some time for Anca. I finished chassis, and I can go into the finals.
  13. Hope you're feeling better!!! Ballistic computer is only for no-controlled ammo.Missiles are controlled by laser beam and corrected METKA button on the control stick.
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