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1:24 Trump Hurricane IID (Oh Big Guns)

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Righty – Teeee - Ooooo – howdy folks……


Now I have whittled down SWMBA DIY list a bit (Still think she is adding more to this :hmmm: ) Plus with the nice weather lots of outdoor jobs getting ticked off - I have snuck in some time on my next project.


Oh I am such a sucker for big guns on a plane UHHHHHM Sweeeeettt :thumbsup:


So a Desert Can Opener it is! Love the look of the Hurricane. Stick them big cannons under the wings just makes it look – well - more of a Pitbull IMO.


And I have always liked the desert colour scheme.


Okay the kit and bits




Also on top of these bits there is great reference here on LSP with PhillB and Ripaman – Which I will be :whistle: uhhhmmm referencing (Steeling) quite a lot!!!

If I can get her to look halfway as amazing as these two have then I will be a very happy chappy! Plus I hope they don’t mind me borrowing their hard work.


Okay the Trump Brass expansion kit. There is a lot of it. I am no expert here, as all this detailing with Brass, Resin and scratchy bits is still very new to me! But on fist look the detail looks nice if a bit simple on some of it but then very detailed on others. Having used some of the Eduard stuff this feels quite industrial and thick.


One thing I have found very nice about it, is that Trump backed both sides with a thin clear plastic – like cling film – Now I am not sure if you are meant to take this off before use or not? But I am finding it very useful, especially on the little bits because you can cut them off with out the fear of them shooting into the hinterland and the waiting maw of the carpet monster! All bits intact and none missing YET!!! Finger crossed. :clap2:


Lets get started with the front office. First up the armchair.


I cut this off and then given it a quick bath and scrub with an old toothbrush, it folded up quite easily. But either my inexperience or just cause the Brass is quit thick it was a bit of a bugger to stick! Also it seemed a bit flat and had some detail missing that I could see in my ref pictures. So to that end I added some starched sprue to the edges to try and give them a more rounded edge rather than flat. Plus punched some plastic discs and added some very thin plastic strips. The centre divot on the bottom is very shallow on the chair so using the thin end on my long scalpel handle pushed this out whilst the seat was resting on some thin foam giving it a bit more depth. The last bit added was a thin bit of leather that runs from the centre divot up the side. I couldn’t find any ref to this on any WW2 planes but it was very prominent on the refurbed plane. Thought it would add a bit of interest to the seat and the BIGGEST PLUS meant I got to eat a KitKat so I could use the thin foil. :D This got scrunched up then gently smoothed back out to try and give me a leather texture.


A brush over the edges and seams with Mr Surface 500 and a rub back to shape I am calling this bit done


Picture of my effort next to the kit one




Okay folks I am hoping that someone can help me with some info.

The Can Opener emblem that was painted on the side cowl. I have found several references to this, One off a cool YouTube film of them practising so this seems to be authentic but also have found the more neat version as well!?


Does anyone know if this emblem was changed over time and if so what time frame?


So for now I have drawn up both and I ask your opinions or if you know which one would be the correct one to use?




Okay - we are off and running back in a mo with some more


Taff :D

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Ohhh... a big Hurri- I'll be watching this! Can't help you with the emblem, but I am impressed with your work thus far!



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Okay back with part 2


Some more bits all Brassed up and painted


Control Bar





Brake handles – I think? And the oil gage that sits behind the stick. I replaced the very vague Trump decal with an Airscale one – much better IMO.





The stick and :rofl: PhillB Square headed sperm replacements. Not quite to Phill's standard as I didn’t have any of the tiny lenses that he used. I made mine with a bit of thin micro aluminium tube cut and rubbed to shape. A bit of thin tinfoil (more KitKat wrapper) stuck on with some micro double sided. Bit of electric wire in one end and after the paint had dried a bit of stretched clear sprue rubbed back and polished in the other end.


The stick had some very fine copper wire wrapped around the handle then some thin Supper Glue brushed over to hold and to soften the texture. A bit of punched plastic applied and the wires and push rod replaced with wire and thin aluminium rod. The other bits are the Brass replacements. Then applied a bit of paint.




After all these bits I was at last ready to do some painting, assembling and weathering.


The stick and floor assembled and weathered. I am trying to do a more dirty and dusty than a beaten up look with the weathering.




I have used some MDC 1/24 Belts as replacements for the Trump ones both in the box and the Brass kit, which look massive and quite a bit out of scale to me! I painted these with a home made mix light tan underneath, then dry brushed Humbrol Canvas over the top (Sorry forgot the Number) and added some general dirt and muck with Tamiya Weather Products and Flory Models washes. These where also applied to the seat after I had given it a light rub over with fine wire wool to bring out some of the aluminium under painting. There was also some light chalks applied and rubbed in.


Hopefully dirty and not to abused!




Seat just resting in place – In the back you can see I have stated on the side frames.




The IP was next. The film you get both in the kit and also in the Brass kit is very vague to say the least! So I decided to replace these all with AirScale ones and some placards. Great but I found out a bit to late that the Trump holes are a bit smaller than the decals DOH! :shrug: I toyed with the idea of making my own IP at the beginning but on looking at the Brass replacements thought the detail quite nice so went with them. So didn’t have the heart to go back and redo the IP so compromised on some dials and also luckily I had a set of AirScales 1/32 dials too!


This is where I am up to. Still some work to do but starting to look okay to me. Also started to make up the compass – once again replaced the decal with an airscale one




Okay folks all for know and please any knowledge on the Can Opener Emblem please don’t be shy and let me know.


Till next time Happy Modelling – Taff :D

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Taff, awesome start my friend! Really great work, looks terrific. I'll be following along for sure.




Cheers Kevin welcome aboard mate! I am looking forward to seeing your Speed Spitfire as well. Should look cool next to the Silver Hughes


Taff :D

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Hi Taff,

Great start on your Hurri will be watching your progress, you can reference (Steel) anything you want, hope it will help in your build


Regarding your picture if you are looking at the panel from the seat the right lever is the one which makes the seat go up and down, and the other opens the flap on the Radiator cover. Brakes are operated from the lever which is inside the round handle on the stick 2nd picture.

Hope that helps









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That control column is just awesome!! :frantic:

I am watching this to the end.

Great start, I'm sure you will carry it right through.



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