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  1. That's not the base guy.com
  2. Is the base guy still in business? His website is down.
  3. Anyone know when this kit will be released?
  4. Yes I would like a few sets Bill WESLEY Usa
  5. wwesley

    Mig-29 ?

    What is the difference between a Mig-29A and Mig-29C?
  6. Just got in Eduards new Tram PE looks good but no one has ever made a B/N Hood for the radar screen and flir. Any body scratch build any? Thanks Bill W
  7. What are insect pins? Are they for pinning subjects in a frame? Where do you buy these?
  8. Any pictures of what is in the filters?
  9. Looking for reference on how to scratch build knobs and switches in cockpits. Looking for stretching sprue and other ideas. Thanks Bill W
  10. I am heading out for the Ipms convention on the 13th. May not. Get much done. Eduard has PE all ready for the HK kit?
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