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RLM and Tamiya colours

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Hi All, maybe it was already dealed with, so sorry!

I need a little help to convert the following RLM into Tamiya colours (I want to try a pre and post shading technique so I prefer to use pure colours with no colour combination) as close as possible:

RLM 02 66 74 75 76 81 82 83

Many thanks in advance.



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Ok Filippo ... IMHO ...


I have numerous 1/32 Luftwaffe aircraft on the go ... and I faced the same issues ... Every track I ran down branched into other directions ... Opinions, charts, photos etc ... it was endless and doing my head in!! :BANGHEAD2:


Everyones eye for colour is different ... I downloaded dosens of conversion tables initially ... everyone has a differing view on what the equivalent Tamiya Colour is for an RLM colour ...


But wait ... it gets worse ... What exactly DOES an RLM colour look like??? ...

We search for images on Google - but literally get 50 shades of RLM (gray or otherwise) depending on the camera used, time of day, indoors, outdoors etc etc etc ... you see the variables?? ...


And paint suppliers?? ... Humbrol, Mr Hobby, Modelmaster all supply different shades of the "RLM equivelent" ... But hang about???? - I thought RLM was a STANDARD????? :rofl:


Since most of my kits have references to a particular brand of colours on the paint reference chart ... (eg: Humbrol) ... I then went PHYSICALLY into the hobby shop and compared those particular colours given, to all similar Tamiya colours and picked the best looking one ...


This process took me no less than 3 hours with over 120 different shades of paint ... AND sometimes the colour is more than a shade or 2 off ...!!!!


In the end its all a question of how super detailed you want to get ... is it on display for a bunch of critical onlookers??? ... can you really be bothered mixing up "2 parts this, 3 parts that and 5 parts of the other very-similar-colour-to-the-one-just-used"??? ... OR ... ... does the aircraft LOOK (to you) like it's supposed to???


Take, for example, the crew who were bagging the new tooled Trumpeter 1/32 Me.109's on here a while back - the tail's not quite the right size or shape, nose is too bulgy in some places etc etc

I look at the 3 kits I bought and ask: "does it LOOK like a 109E??? ... as opposed to a Spit or Hurricane or even a 109G???" ... the answer being 'YES!' ... I then forgot about a-0.5mm-difference-in-tail-height and got on with the show ...


I can supply you with the colours I use for Luftwaffe gear if you like ... but I would have to look up the paint charts ...


In summary ... if you want to save a load of "crazy time" ... take your paint chart down to the local hobby store ... and eyeball the closest one YOU think :D


All the best


Rog :)

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Yepp, mixing is the way to go. I have a compiled list of Tamiyas own suggestions from their smaller kits at home, but won't be able to reach them before friday. But I can't comment on their accuracy.

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Well, back in the days when I was in the Air Force (the post war German Air Force that is) I had a 1/48 F-4F Phantom II in the making. Of course I wanted to paint it correctly. So I went to the paint shop on the Air Base where the aircraft were painted after major maintenance. The Staff Sergeant on duty was friendly enough to decant some 100 ml of the original RAL paints they used to paint the aircraft.


So I was confident, that the colors of my model would be absofreakinglutly correct. But once I had painted my model it looked nothing like the original. It was waaay too dark. From a distance it looked almost black. Since that day I just mixed the paints so that the model looks good. As Rog said: eyeballing is good enough.





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Hi All and many thanks for your help!. Well I'll try to choose a good shade from Tamiya colours scaled down with some white. Anyway I'll try on a scrap wing :)

Ciao Filippo

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If you add this http://www.rlm.at/cont/archiv01.htm (please scroll down to the chart) or another chart "RLM->RAL" with this https://www.ral-farben.de/uebersicht-ral-classic-farben.html you might be able to order official RAL paint chips to get your own idea about the "look" and "feel" of some RLM colours. Late war RLM colours (RLM80+) never got an official "paint chip". Sorry.


Of course you have to "scale down" any paint for modelling, i. e. add a ratio of white to make them brighter.



- dutik

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I believe you said you don't want to have to mix paints, but with a few exceptions, you'll need to if you want to get close. I've got a few mix ratio's that i've found that'll i'll post here as they're what i use and i like the look of them... your mileage may vary tho...


i use xf-63 straight up for RLM 66. is a good base for drybrushing and washes

for RLM 76 i mix 60% xf-23, 20% xf-19, 20% xf-2

for RLM 81 i mix 75% xf-27, 20% xf-52, 10% xf-10

for RLM 82 60% xf-26, 20% xf-27, 20% xf-59

RLM 24 blue is 90%xf-8 + 10% xf-1

RLM 23 Red is 90% xf-7 + 10% xf-10


I got these proportions out of a book somewhere a while back and wrote the percentages on top of the mixing bottles i use for them so i don't remember who to credit for the leg-work.. like i said, i like the way they look. Also, for yellow, i've heard people say that Tamiya's spray color "camel yellow" is a good match..


Hope this is helpful.. and i'd love to hear other peoples mix combinations for the other colors.. especially RLM 02.




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That's the list with Tamiya's suggestions:


RLM 02:- XF22:1 + XF49:1

RLM 65:- XF23:1 + XF2:1

RLM 70: XF27

RLM 71:- XF62:1 + XF49:1

RLM 74:- XF24:3 + XF27:2

RLM 75:- XF24:5 + XF50:1

RLM 76:- XF2:7 + XF23:1 + XF66:2

RLM 79:- XF59:3 + XF64:1

RLM 80:- XF58

RLM 81:- XF51:1 + XF64:2

RLM 82:- XF5 or XF5:1 + XF2:1 or XF5:1 +XF3:1 (Bright Green)

RLM 83:- XF61 or XF24:1 + XF51:1 (Dark Green)

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Ah, the RLM can of worms. :)

They way I look at it is when the aircraft were mottled at unit level they had paint pastes and a recipe for thinning down to aquire the relevant RLM colour. So what you ended up with was one guys interpretation of the shade using what he had to hand.

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