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  1. Hi Ade, I'm at the moment building a Tamiya 1/32 Spit Mk VIII in MSG/PRU Blue scheme, I bought Xtracrylics paint for the PRU Blue but I find these paints not very airbrush friendly, I use distilled water but the ratio of dilution seems always to change and the airbrush gets clogged quite quickly (I have an Iwata Revolution CR). One month ago I bought a few Humbrol "new" enamel paints, namely #230 "Matt PRU Blue" and I was very pleasantly surprised, using 30% Humbrol enamel thinner the paint covers very well at 20 PSI and dries very quickly after airbrushing, about 10 minutes and it's dry, of course I let the parts alone for a few hours just to be safe. Surface detail remains excellent and the odor is not bad. I use cellulose thinner to clean the airbrush. Color accuracy of this paint seems spot on, unfortunately I also bought two tinlets of "Azure Blue" and it looks to me something far off, with a strange violet hue. Happy Modelling, Rui Silva
  2. Hi Kagemusha, I've already bought the Relish Prop & Spinner set and ordered the turret and corrected nose. It seems that Vargas' pin-ups, like The Lady, were widely used and the picture we saw of the left side is of another P-61, I will stick to the scheme depicted in Zotz forthcoming decal set. Profimodeller also has an antenna set but I don't know exactly what it intends to be, any ideas? Thanks for your help, Rui
  3. Thanks Dave for your helpful reply. The P-61 was one of my father's favourite aircraft and I will certainly have a go at the HB kit. Happy modelling, Rui
  4. Hi all, I would like to model P-61B "Lady in the dark" but I'm a bit "in the dark" about some points: Did it have a fixed gun barbette or a movable turrett? I suppose as it was a late B a movable turret is correct. If it was fixed did it have gunsights for the gunner or radar operator? How common were the machine gun flash supressors, are they specific to the barbette, to the turret, A or B model or theatre of operations? Profimodeller has both options. I've seen several pictures of the Lady pin-up on the right side but only one on the left side, Zotz only supplies one Lady, is this correct? Thanks for your help, Rui
  5. Big and spooky: Phantom II of course!
  6. Hi Iain, With all your work would it not be simpler (at least for us!) to have complete corrected fuselages for the various marks? Just a thought, I am too scary/clumsy cutting up fuses, but I love the EE Lightning.
  7. Whatever the kit's faults you've made an excellent model.
  8. Excellent choices, I will certainly order 32D009 as I have fancied B3+AM since I saw it illustrated in Kagero's Monograph 13 "Ju 88 vol. I", front cover and centerfold pages. Keep up the good work!
  9. I ordered 2 sets of turnbuckles type A from GasPatch on the 30th December and received them today; in addition I received a very nice Xmas card in Portuguese and a Salmson 2A2 badge, GasPatch certainly sets new standards in customer service. The turnbuckles look excellent and the eyelets are really minute. Recommended!
  10. I've read this topic from the start and surely it's one of the most interesting ones I've ever seen. I'm still not sure which Uhu kit I will buy. I have 4 Z-M kits with their acessories and they really get very expensive after the Portuguese Customs add the VAT and other import taxes. Would I buy the Revell Uhu? I am not able/brave to saw/cut/vacform and correct its mistakes, I would wait for a landing gear and canopy aftermarket correction set, the nacelle/wing issue is really not so important to me in getting a "decent" Uhu in my display shelf. Just my €0.02, thanks all for their input and Nigel please keep labouring on your Uhu. Happy New 2013!
  11. Great news, although I have a suspicion that Zoukei-Mura's British model will be a Tempest! If SH is a decent model I will certainly buy it, I read so many times Clostermann's book about his exploits in JF-E "Le Grand Charles".
  12. Nice models! I also have these models to make plus a Revell Cub to tow them. Rui
  13. Hi Mirek, Being a sailplane pilot and 1/32 scale modeller I will certainly order your SG38 and Grunau Baby to make company to the more modern Revell 1/32 gliders. I suppose the next sailplane in the series could be another classic, what about a Minimoa, a Sperber or a mighty Fafnir? Thanks for your work and the attention you give to your customers by sharing your thoughts with us. I hope your business prospers. Best regards, Rui
  14. Hi Harold, This time it all went well, I ordered as soon as I received an e-mail from SB: yesterday one B-25 prop set and two F-4 vari ramp sets arrived to my doorstep without paying customs duty tax. Thanks for your work, Rui
  15. Thanks Thierry and Harold for your answers. I'll wait for the e-mail from SB, lets see if I can get your sets this time. Speedy recovery for your knee, Harold. Rui
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