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  1. http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Tornado/1294.html Try that.
  2. Fantastic progress Jeroen. I should really get my F.3 finished but I need to get a couple of other things finished first. Steve
  3. Pretty much done now. Just sorting out some basic instructions before I start shipping out the sets this week. There is still a couple of sets available before I pack away the moulds at the end of the week. Steve
  4. Finally got the last of the silicone poured for the wing glove extentions and the rear rails for the Skyflash (which I had forgotten about ) The other parts were also taken out of their moulds which finally went off after a couple of days as I had not put enough catalyst into the rtv. Apologies for the delay in getting stuff cast but life has gotten in the way and I was wanting to get the parts as right as possible. Should start shipping orders out early next week. Steve
  5. Apologies for the delay. Just a wee bit of tweeking being done on the exhaust extention and the wing glove extentions. I want to get this right and the more work I do now the less you will need to do. Thank you for your patience. Steve
  6. Final dry run of main parts before moulding.
  7. Thank you Meindert. Your build inspired me to do my first scratch F.3 a few years ago. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63111-132-tornado-f3-56-sqn-anniversary-firebird/
  8. Thanks Stuey. Reply sent. 5 left.
  9. Thats a good price. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Thank you Derek. For anyone in the States without a kit I have just spotted one on here. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=46181&hl= Steve
  11. Ok. I have managed to sort out post and stuff so here is a run down on prices. Basically, it will come in two flavours. With or without the 2250ltr fuel tanks seen on many F.2/3's. The set will consist of:- New nose Mid-fuselage extension Exhaust extension (for the F.3) Belly plate Monitors Pilots coaming BOL rails Fin plug Chaff dispensers ILS aerials (needed for the fin if using an IDS or ECR kit) Wing glove extensions F.3 pylons Here is a picture of most of whats listed above. As for postage, the set on its own is just under 300 grams. With the fuel tanks its j
  12. Thanks Colin. I plan to sort out the price tomorrow along with the postage costs once I sort out weight and packaging today. I think I may also limit the amount of sets that I cast to 20 or 30 so it will be first come first served, but we'll see. Its just that I have other things I need and want to do. Steve
  13. The very decals I will be using. Just as a wee teaser here is a few pictures of two of the main parts as I check for lumps and bumps. Obviously there is the nose and also you have the mid extention showing the spine area and the opened vent on the spine just behind the canopy and the one on the lower edge of the fuselage.
  14. You won't have long to wait Nic. You will also love the scheme I am doing the test build in.
  15. Your a bad boy getting us excited like that. Steve
  16. No its not, but its the most visually obvious difference that would be seen on a model.
  17. As I have said, if I include these it would push the price up.The pylons are no problem. However, there is a cockpit readily available for those who wish to replace the kit one. I know that by including the monitors I am not giving you a completely accurate cockpit, but for most it will suffice. For others, as I said, there is the Avionics/BB one.
  18. Eh..............not quite. The set will consist of new nose, fuselage extension, belly plate, wing glove extentions, exhaust extension, lower fin piece, BOL rails and possibly rear monitors/IP. If I was to include pylons and cockpit that would push the price up and to be honest most will be happy with the rear monitors/IP and just use the kit pylons. Although I am open to comment on that score. As for weapons, again Sidewinders and Skyflash can be sourced elsewhere or the spares box. Also, for the Skyflash you can use Sparrows or even load with AIM120's
  19. What are you searching under? I tried 1/32 Tornado and did not see any.
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