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  1. A great idea for those who don't like or can't paint eyes or faces very well Nice work mate Ads
  2. Hey man - it's great to see such a lovely set of figures from Andrew come to life "in colour" - a great match to "Old Ironsides III" Ads
  3. Hey Peter! I love how you have tackled (and succeeded) in detailing the top of the fuselage spine and nose sections because as you know they can be difficult! A great and clean looking model - are you going to dirty it up ( just a little?) Smashing Ads
  4. Rick i have seen some Jugs and yours is among the best - and hey i have seen much worse photography in my life ( some of my own rings a bell) ads
  5. I found out that a certain option was unchecked on my word document - so it wasn't checking me up! Fingers crossed buds :-)
  6. Ha ha point well and truly taken boys - I will work on my SPEELING! It's a case of me usually being too rushed, and having too much to do always - Mainly because of all the extra effort that is put into the work - but I'll slow down and get a better checker I promise! Please don't associate my bad spelling with all of the other fellows good work on the site tho - 'cos they can actually write :-) Glad to see you have good taste (LSP and TMN) Ads
  7. "For the gun doors he calls the ejector pins sink marks" Thanks for that mate i just fixed it. /that's what happens when you write so much on one subject you get lost a little! Ads
  8. Right on Ron! Although i have found (some) modellers to be fanboys and push products at the expense of all others it seems there is a lot of what i would almost call product assassination of some kits in the last few years. Sometime from people with agendas against the company which is unfortunate to say the least. I think some of the psychology is to put something down that isn't perfect. Sometimes it's a first world problem and sometimes its a cop out to keep waiting for "perfection or to make themselves seem all-knowing. Fact is - no kit is perfect... Look at the Tamiya mossie and t
  9. Ads

    HK Mosquito

    Gary did make it out of the box Brad - the only addition are sutton harnesses from Radu and the Airscale dials from Peter as the test kit did not have any (so far). As an extra to the readers he went to the risky method of detailing the cockpit a little more by cutting it in half so he could better access it to super detail. It was risky but you can see by the results just how good the kit can be with some simple research & scratch building and modelling "chutzpah". Although this method isn't for everyone but he wanted to make the kit into something as good as he could. But yes -
  10. Hope those eggs don't hatch on the plane over! It takes some balls to make a kit that is new and to know that everyone is going to see it - again i doth my cap to you sir! What's next? Ads
  11. Well done Brian my man you are a great modeller and it's stressful making something when no one else has plowed the field before you so congrats mate! Ads
  12. Ads

    HK Mosquito

    Congratulations to Gary who has made this kit into something much more than the contents of the box which were already pretty good to start with. Simply by using little more than Radu's seatbelts, Peter's Airscale instruments and some lovely scratch-building on his behalf. Also Kudos for taking the steps he had to to be able to super detail the interior like he did. Ads
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