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Tamiya P-51D, Sinai, 1956, with Reposted Images

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Been playin' in the dirt.



Thought others may be interested.  Helping hand.  I wondered how I was going to hold this and put it together when I had the epiphany to plunk the stem in a ball of tac and glue everything together.  Don't know why I hadn't thought of this earlier.  It certainly would have eliminated many an assembly from springing from my tweezer into the ozone.



Shady side 1.  Propeller Governor Control System.  Note angle of rod.  I'll get to that problem when I show the sunny side.



Shady side 2.  The same.



Looks good from here.  Drilled thru and enhanced other fastener locations.



Put the engine in and it and the intercooler pump competed for space, so I put in a new one with a sharper angle only to botch the connection.  What a drag.  It was going so well, too.  Back to the drawing board.



Top section.



Link into firewall.


Time for errands and chores.

Thank you for looking in.



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Thank you, Wolf.  Indeed, not a detail I've seen anyone do.  Scratch or after-market.  Maybe the stuff will get in the way and the paneling won't fit, I don't know as I haven't checked, but I'm staying within the framework and as such, the panels should fit.  I'll find out later.


If the panels don't fit I'll look at modifying the panels or build a crate and store the panels in a crate along side the model.  Label the crate 'Agricultural Parts', as that is how the aircraft crating was identified to get in-country.


At the moment my intent is to show the engine area.  But that's only because things are going well.  Earlier when I was working on the distribution system I was ready to close it up.


There isn't much more engine work to do, or maybe there's not much more I'm going to do that I can see.  Currently I'm working on the right side 3 instrument panel lines


I've got the 2 throttle lines and the air induction system linkage and some tie-ins to the lower-center fire-wall also.  But I haven't really studied the lower-center area to really know what needs to be done.  I think that's about it for me for the engine compartment.


I'm convincing myself that I really do want bombs and rockets and not drop tanks.  A different look.  The bombs and rockets I've found, but not the rocket mounts.  It would mean scratching and casting.  Since I've had two catastrophic casting failures recently I've been dragging my feet with wanting to scratch and cast.  But I think there is no way around it.


'and you are a vascular surgeon when not building planes??? astonishing detail...'

I wish, Mitch!  I sure could use the pay.  Thank you.


Thank you all.





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 First off,let me say I am deeply sorry I have managed to completely miss this so far. Holy crap Mark!

   This is like coming home and seeing an old friend you haven't seen in a while. The P-51.

Kudos to Tamiya for making such a great kit,firstly,that is such a great launching point for uber talented people like Mark to go crazy on without having to do major dimensional surgery,etc.

  I am not surprised by the level of detail,having watched the screen drooling many times when he was building the 109 stuff but I think this build actually even takes that build level up a notch!. Cockpit,wheelwells,engine,gun bay,check check check and...check!!!

 Also nice to see the landing gear getting so much TLC.  Nice paint scheme planned as well.

Just spent a thoroughly enjoyable hour looking at every page,going back to 2012.

Thanks for a nice morning Mark!!!


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Thank you, Radders.  It's been a lot of fun this go around.


Jerry, you are the BEST!  Thank you, I really appreciate you stopping by and your good words.  Keep up the remarkable work on your figure.


Be well.



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Been  super geeking out this morning working on the right side and adding a few missing links.



Circular item is the Fuel Pressure Transmitter.  Added lines to and fro.  Tied the To line into the firewall.  Fro line is underneath.



Three lines here.  2 silver and a copper.  Middle line is a Fuel Pressure Instrument line.  You can barely see it.  It will travel up the frame and into the Primer head.  Inboard silver line with red insulation is the Oil Pressure Instrument Line.  Copper is the line to the Oil Separator.



Tying into the firewall.  The box with the hole in it and the blue insulation is the Oil Separator Type B-12.  Ragged solder line is to the Fuel Pressure Transmitter.



The Missing Links, 3 of them.  Top, the one a little bowed but fixable is the Emergency Boost Manual Control Deleted On Late Airplanes.  What?!  The two lines with the hex shaft on them (it is supposed to represent the Control Rod Disconnect Point).  Anyway, the top one, which is actually the left, is the Throttle Control Rod and the lower (right) one is the Mixture Control Rod.



Another look at them peeking thru.



I don't believe it . . .



. . . everything fits!


Thank you one and all.





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