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Tamiya P-51D, Sinai, 1956, with Reposted Images

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I am 100%, completely in love with this build Mark...


I have been there trying to unpick references for a Merlin, trying to work out what connected to what and endless pipes & connections disappearing around corners and merging into undecipherable bundles or clusters - not only are you mastering the complexity of a highly complicated machine in gorgeous detail in miniature but you even know what stuff is and what it does!


my favourite kind of modelling, and a brilliant reference for everyone wanting to either just perk up their kit engine or go completely mental and pack every last pipe, nut, bolt & wire in..





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I'm from Mars, same as you! Thank you, Peter.


Thank you, Barry.


Thank you, Maru.


A very big thank you to you, Peter. Once I identified individual items and systems and clipped their pages together I then focused on a single area. Earlier it was just a jumble. If I had it to do over again I would do the link system last. They are too delicate and inflexible to tie into the firewall. Everything else I think I would have done the same.


This week I've been doing field repairs on the engine link system.


Albion Alloys all the way! with flared-end .010 rod pins. Magneto links up. Carburetor link up. Little link below Carburetor down. The long link in the Carburetor area is tension fitted at the top so it doesn't move.



Magneto links down. Carburetor link down. Little link below Carburetor up.



Carburetor link down. Magneto link up.



Carburetor link up. Magneto link, tho not at the Magneto - too tight - down.



Other links move as well. Corrected the Fuel Pump. It has the big burned-out white square. Earlier it had an electrical line. It is supposed to have 3 fuel lines. Empty copper ties into Fuel Filter on firewall wheel well bulkhead left side. Red one ties into a drain box on the same wall but on the opposite side from Fuel Filter. Little red insulation below blue insulation fuel line ties into fuselage fuel tank vent, seen in Post 129, page 9.


There is one more Coolant line. This goes on the Supercharger, which is the rounded area between the two bolted plates to the right.


Thank you ever so much for everything.



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Guest Peterpools

Brother Bear

I'm speechless and in complete amazement at the same time.

Keep 'em coming


Edited by Peterpools

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I can't believe you just went and replaced all those lovely linkages with even more lovely metal ones! I must say they are absolutely outstanding and look every bit the part. 


So I'm going to ask the question again.... How did you simulate the rod ends on the linkages? Squashing again?


Brilliant Mark, absolutely brilliant!



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Wow Mark! I think you're very quickly getting to the point where you'd better lay some paint down or you're not going to be able to reach everything, even with the ol' airbrush. The paintwork is what will really bring this beast to life too. Just crazy Bro! 


Martinfb, his family, and I went to the Boeing Museum in Seattle this weekend and when we spotted a Mustang your build became the topic of discussion. Martin got so excited he broke in to a jig!




Martin had never tried Mustang before, apparently it had a very metallic taste!




Now to get this thread back on track I managed to get a couple of pics you might be interested in. The first is a lifting ring at the back of the gear reduction housing. I'm not sure if it's worth adding but I never knew about this detail. The other is a pic of the supercharger solenoid. You can see that it's mounted on the supercharger housing below the pivot point for the magneto timing advance lever. Hopefully these will be of use to you.






Keep up the fantastic work Mark!




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Guest Martinnfb

Exciting times indeed, however when Wolf began removing that poor 50cal. , I suddenly realized that this place needs a better security. :)


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