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Tamiya P-51D, Sinai, 1956, with Reposted Images


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Aside from all of the prep work I've been doing, the following has taken a long time to evolve to get to this stage. Hopefully future efforts will move along more quickly. Otherwise I may miss the deadline.

I reworked the right and left edges.

The rod goes into the edgework of the instrument panel. I needed to trim away the sidewall structure under the rod so the rod would set properly when the sidewall was dryfitted to the floor/i.p. assembly.

The insulation is from a solid core wire. I threaded .5mm wide insulation onto stripped wire taken from a hard drive parallel data cable. .010 or .015 solder wire. I needed to replace the outermost terminal with rod.

I replaced the canopy retraction handle to complement the throttle handle. The throttle handle is a kit part and really stood out, detail wise. The canopy handle was molded into the sidewall. It looked flat compared to the throttle so I chiseled it off and made a new handle. I domed the end of a piece of rod to make the base, flattened the end of a rod with a plier and sanded the result round to get the handle base, and cut some rod for the handle. Wiring configuration is made up, although the rod that runs the length approximates the real deal. I needed to remove some of the bottom of the first and second structure.

Home made springs and mounts. Springs aren't glued in place.

This spring is a little short, oh well. I'll just glue it against the high tab. The spring is compressed.

Here you can almost see how the rods would go thru the side openings I made in the panel. Without removing some sidewall structure the rod configuration wouldn't work. I had to weigh one effect against the other. More work, but I chose this effect. Rudder pedal linkage is good, with the spring and everything, but the wire connection isn't accurate. This was an easier connection to make. It is pinned with .010 rod so it moves around.

Same thing here concerning removal of the first two structure bottoms. I wanted to see if the rudder pedal junk would look effective.

Not such a hot shot. I don't know what those two rods are on the left, but they are in every photo I have of that area.

Thanks for looking in.

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Thank you, Kevin.

Yes, this is the Tamiya kit. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a far cry from Hasegawa's philosophy of less parts is more.


Thank you, K. This will be a learning curve, for sure.


'Now this is gonna be good'

From your mouth to God's ears! I sure hope so. Thank you, Joe.


'All the best'

I'm hoping for the same. Thank you, Filippo.


Kevin, Filippo; Your wish is my command:


White 31, so far, that is. Minor aircraft stencilling will be from the decal sheet, the rest I'm hoping to accomplish with home made masks.


Thanks for looking in.



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Guest Peterpools


Love the work you're doing in the front office. The detailing is all the goodies Mr Tamiya didn't include and will surely be a gem. Having just finished up the my Mustang front office, I can really appreciate all the work you're putting in. Especially appreciate the seat rails springs and the wiring for the radios behind the armour plate.

Super theme and choice of subject.

Looking forward to following along and enjoying the build.

:thumbsup: :clap2:


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Thank you very much for all of your kind and generous words, Peter.


I've gone about half way thru the instruction booklet, and cleaned up a bunch of parts so I'm not working in any particular order. There isn't a lot to show, but I have been busy this week. Mostly just warming myself up to tackle the engine and wheel well.



Bomb/external fuel tank racks. Red is supposed to represent lock nuts.



A look see. The rear can be compressed a bit for a better fit.



This represents a fabric covered wire ribbed air tube. .010 solder for the ribbing. I thought of using 36 gauge annealed wire but chose not to. Drilled out the holes.



Plopped it into the cockpit to see what is would look like. Also added the bar attached to the top of the seat.



Been messing around with the rear tailwheel strut. Still plenty to do here.



Some work on the guns. Almost finished here. Red & green insulation and wire, and half rod is for the solenoid. White holed strip with solder is late war gun heater. I sanded the detail off of the top and replaced it with strip.



I didn't really bother to sand the bottom. Just a little scraping to clean things up



I'm just glad it isn't a P-47.



Some bullet trough detail.



Here you should be able to see the bolt below the solenoid. It's attached to the gun bay. There's more to do here, too.


Thanks for looking in.



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Guest Peterpools


Love the detailing on the pylons and 50 cal. Since I'm just up to that stage on my Mustang build, I thought I would borrow some of your details and ideas and incorporate them into my Mustang build. I hope you accept my "permanent borrowing" as the sincerest of compliment. Awesome work.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Thank you, Harv. Your wish is my command. Tho today there are only a few images.


Knock yourself out, Peter. The stuff I do is open source. Thank you.


Thank you, Ads.


Just a few:


I added lock downs. It's that little wing tightener toward the rear of the gun Initially I thought this device was only on restored aircraft, but the P-51 Production book shows an empty gun bay with it in place. Guns are done.



This is how I made the hasp. .016 drill bit, .05mm .005 strip pressed down on either side of the bit.



Maybe I'm too close. It sure is blurry. Anyway. All together now!



Other side. The handle is a bit too close to the gun. I needed to put a thick base on the handle to set it out from the bulkhead to clear a lip. Maybe .010 or .015 instead of the .020. Drilled a hole in the side bulkhead.


Thanks for looking in.



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