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Bf109 E-4/B "Yellow 6" Oblt. Otto Hintze 3./ Erpr.Gr210 1940


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I still think Nick needs to build the CyberHobby/Dragon (CHD) 109E4 next, so he can give us a nice compare and contrast between the two kits :)


I think the CHD 109E4 is about as close to a Tamiya kit as it can be without actually being from Tamiya :)





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I still think Nick needs to build the CyberHobby/Dragon (CHD) 109E4 next, so he can give us a nice compare and contrast between the two kits :)


I think the CHD 109E4 is about as close to a Tamiya kit as it can be without actually being from Tamiya :)






believe me, i am never building another one of these Eduard 109s again, and i am not joking


as to the DMl kit being on a par with Tamiya, i confess i have not had it in my hands, but from what i have seen it is somewhere in the middle ground between the Eduard kit and the Tamiya super offerings, but there is a significant gap between all three.


i will post how i got on with my masks (so far) a little later today hopefully





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I'll still build a couple Eduard kits, even after doing the CHD 109E4 :) I have a couple of Alley Cat A/B and C/D conversions for them, and since you can eliminate the hard part (getting the nose together) by sticking on the nice, lovely resin nose, should be a pleasant build!





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a few days late, but finally i am able to post a bit about my application of national markings - i used a custom set of masks from AdAstra


first thing to say is that i had 2 issues, both of which were my own fault BANGHEAD2.jpg


i thought, yeah well having used masks before, i knew all there was to know, and didn't bother to carefully read the instructions, which are clearly printed, with diagrams, in the set provided


secondly, i was uuuuuber impatient and pulled the masks off probably less than 20minutes after spraying; whilst i got away with it in my Dora build, and almost did here, i also had a mad moment with the airbrush and pretty much "flooded" some of the areas, with disastrous results


when i emailed Ian at adAstra, he was concerned that i had a problem with his product, so much so that we chatted for best part of 2 hours yesterday (yes, i do tend to ramble on a bit, and wander off topic! blah.gifblah.gifblah.gif)


he was kind enough to explain where i had been going wrong, and i am pleased to say that i made the same mistake as PhilB with his Hurricane, if that makes sense?


so here goes...


i used masking tape to cover most of a mask (all crosses in the following description) to keep integrity when lifting it off










wrong - i should have removed all the backing from around the masks, leaving just the masks themselves and their individual surrounds; then i should have used the transfer vinyl to move the masks and surround on to the model; much less aggressive that tape


i even looked at this transfer vinyl and thought "ooh, why have i been given a blank square??"


still, thus far no real harm done


now here's where i started to cause myself issues...

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i removed the entire cross, leaving just the surround




wrong - i should have - per the instructions - removed just sections i wished to paint, not the whole mask ie just the parts which allow me to paint the white of the cross

by removing the whole thing, you make it much more difficult to line everything up when you replace the cross, and can get razor thin borders showing where they shouldn't be blowup.gif


i used Gunze off white, as "hollywood tooth white" (i am waiting for that colour to be brought out... rolleyes.gif) does not look suitable i thnk







problem was, as i said above, i went crazy with the airbrush and instead of a few thin coats i went hose-tastic on it; although it didn't puddle, when i came to removing masks, it came back to bite me, despite waiting nearly 18hours for the paint to dry...


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next day i replaced the entire marking (wrong as explained above)




peeled off the masks leaving only the white covered






and sprayed gunze tyre blck




on the lower wing and fuselage crosses, all was well, and they look cool




on the upper wing...

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on the upper wing one was ok, and only needed minor touch up in the end




the other one had black and white paint peeling, because i flooeded it yesterday, and then only waited 20mins or so before removing the mask after spraying the black ninja.gif


here is the cross with some of the white mask still on prior to touch up




i have just resprayed black (not pictured yet) and that is ok, but had more white paint lift off, so that will be the final touch up


i am not taking any chances and doing this tomorrow


i am really p*ssed off at myself, for not paying attention, rushing things, and also really crap technique when i should (and do) know better


i also think that it's this project starting to "get" to me - but short of chucking it all in the bin (and believe me we were close yesterday before i spoke to Ian!) i just have to suck it up an get on with it


right, more pics of (hopefully) a half way decent looking upper wing cross tomorrow


here is the fuselage one






and on that note i am now off to the butchers to buy my bacon for breakfast tomorrow! wink.gif

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Wow, I thought I was the only one who had these bumble-headed problems with my builds! It still looks great Nick. Gunze Off-White makes a great scale white, but I've found myself that it can take forever to cure properly. You especially need to be careful not to spray a flat clear over it too soon, or you'll have a dry lake bed to contend with.



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KEWL.................Ill bet I have had Ian @ Ad Astra make me 4 or 5 sets of masks for various projects I have yet to build. Including my current Russian jet. I have seen Ians VERY clear instructions on the back but as of yet, have not had a chance to use his wonderful product. I have not yet come to the painting stage on mine.


Good tutorial Nick. Thanks for sharing. Its seems a nice, sort of LSP tradition, to (for lack of better terminology) "show your work / mistakes".

Ones made like this, of our own doing, I have made COUNTLESS times, and when people do show where they go wrong, (UNLIKE those who only show the "end result" with a rather heavy "look at what I did, but Im not sharing HOW I did it" kind of attitude) it lets the rest of us doing the same thing get some incite, good or bad.


Well done, and cheers,


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You gonna hate me for this but, take a close look at the photos of the Bf 109 E-4/Bs in my 'Bombsights' book, and you will see that the underwing cross goes right up to the leading edge of the wing... (pages 6, 23). I can hear your screams from here...!

Edited by John Vasco
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No, I hate myself!!

I actually noticed it after I started masking and spraying the crosses

I can't believe I "looked but didn't see"!!

I will sand them off, respray the undersides, and have some new masks made, sooo...

What size should they be?

The ones I used were 900mm, but would 1000mm do it?

Or are we talking some "irregular" size?

Thanks for your continued interest.


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