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Bf109 E-4/B "Yellow 6" Oblt. Otto Hintze 3./ Erpr.Gr210 1940


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cheers matt, and also very funny


i was thinking the same myself, and then promptly puddled some of the blue i was spraying!! BANGHEAD2.jpg


it had nothing to do with the paint - it was just me not paying attention, and because the paint was mega thinned and being put on a primer of similar colour, i did not notice until it was late


hey ho, not the end of the world, and luckily not too close to border with the 71 / 02...


so, it has the weekend to dry hard and i'll run some super fine sandpaper etc over it and then go for some more coats when i get back from Brussels / Germany on monday


cheers for popping in!



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Nick, don´t trust your sat nav: Brussels is in Belgium, not in Germany... :coolio:




he he - you know what i mean!


i am in Brussels today, and we drive to Karlsruhe tomorrow


sadly it is on business and not for pleasure

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  • 2 weeks later...

hello again


been very busy in the garden and various business trips so i have only just had the chance of doing some more work on the camo of this bird


first, to point out a few painting errors - spatter and all that due to my carelessness with my airbrush, but hopefully these will be corrected, as you will see wink.gif






the bits you can see above were sanded down using fine grade paper and then resprayed, so this goes to show that painting is rarely a "one shot game" (thank God for that!)


underside sprayed rlm65 - all fairly routine






and now to the stuff i did this morning - the mottle, everybody's favourite bit of Luftwaffe painting!!


first some stripey bits of rlm02




and also a bit of general "overspray" of 02 on the tail




more in a minute...

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as you can see in this pic, the 02 stripes seem to stand out a bit more than the main sections of camo in the splinter




here it is after adding mottle bits of rlm71, and then a gentle overspray of rlm02




although i probably wont go back to change it now, i am not happy with my overspraying - it should have been a bit more random or patchy i think, and instead i went along the fuselage, but hey ho


and the other side; i also added a very light overspray of rlm71...




in order to tone down the mottle and blend everything in a bit, i then went with a light overspray of rlm65 again - not sure if the picture shows it, but this made quite a difference






more in a bit...

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thanks Keith!


anyway, the aircraft from this unit had the rlm65 overlap the topside of the wings, thus:




now i should really have masked this off beforehand but i didn't so...freehand time!


i got a fiar bit of spray going onto the splinter camo which i wasn't sure how to avoid






so a quick respray of rlm71 seems to have cleared this up nicely






what say you??


i've got other stuff to upload about Eduard's SC250 bomb etc but that's just annoying so i'll leave that for later





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morning chaps


quick word about Eduard's bomb


i measured it up against plans i have and it's pretty much there for a SC250




problem is as i may have mentioned before the "panel line" marking the join between the tail unit and the main cannister is placed incorrectly


this was the last picture i took before i gave in and ordered a bomb from MDC




i should also mention that the ring you can see around the body should not be there (thank you Radu wink.gif )


once again disappointing that Eduard could not get this right


i will post some pics of the MDC bomb (mastered by Radu i believe?) later on


anyway, i also ordered the bomb cart from MDC, and "borrowed" some coffee stirring sticks from Apostrophe near Bond St (a better class of Starbucks, but same old same old...), so at least i am getting things together for the base now


i also looked once again at markings


i had been planning to use Montex markings from the KAM#32149 set of a 109E-4 from the BoB just to get national insignia, and was planning to hunt out a decal "6" from the stash


however, there were some issues in the Montex set


i was not happy with the quality of cut as you can see in this picture "daylight" is clearly visible between bits of the crosses and the backing




the crosses measure up ok 900mm and 1000mm in 1:1, but the lower wing was 1000 whilst upper and fuselage were 900; looking at various EagleCals sheets i have for BoB a/c, i could not see this combo

not to say they are wrong, but who knows?


anyway, the fact that the masks were pretty much unusable - i might as well have made them myself given all the extra masking that would have been involved - i decided to contact Ian at AdAstra Masks, and we are currently working on a custom set


re the gaps in the mask, he said it looked like the backing had expanded and stretched the mask, probably due to heat or moisture

this is odd as they have been kept in a sealed bag all the time; my loft gets warm, but nothing crazy, so maybe i just got a duff set as my other Montex stuff looks fine

hey ho


anyway, searching for the right "6" was fun (!) as i tried to identify units with a similar "3" to this one (you can just about see it)




and then look for pics of a "6"


i came up with these...





and the matching 6...which is what my 6 will be modelled on, only much much smaller - it will only be the height of the width of one of the arms of the cross, if that makes sense? as this unit used teeny weeny numbers!




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back from my trip to Vienna at the weekend (shame it was business and i saw nothing but the inside of a convention hall but anyway...)


i decided i wasn't happy with the wavy edge finish on the wing leading edge, so i decided to mask - this is probably what i should have done in the first place




i kept the "negatives" stuck on my desk - they proved useful!




i then masked the splinter boundaries




the result was good, but because of the ar$e about face way i had gone about things, i realised i needed to spray a bit more rlm65 to sharpen things up




here are the negatives applied 9i did protect the rst of the wing with more masking)




and this is the final result




this next pic looks very close to the one in John Vasco's book (i try to convince myself!) but at least i now have had experience with my first wavy leading edge scheme, and if you mask them, they are easy peasy

free hand airbrushing is a different ball game!


it is taken from a funny angle to replicate the angle of the pic in the book




more in a mo

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i am just waiting on the masks i ordered from Ian at AdAstra - here is what i decided to go for regarding the "6":




and in other news...


i painted the spinner yellow




and then masked so i could spray the spinner and back plate rlm70





it wasn't 100% perfect - hopefully the panel line wash on the spinner will hide the odd bit of messed up masking, we'll see


but it will add a bit of interest to an otherwise fairly drab scheme - i think the markings etc will really help this too




that's it for now


just masked the canopy frame inside and out (fun - not!) and will spray that this evening, but now i have an 8 hour appointment with my vegetable patch and garden, and the chickens are letting me know they want to be let out into the field!


gotta go



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I like that contrast between soft and hard edge. Very nice.


The wavy pattern on the leading edge was a bane to me on the Hartmann build. The underlying 76 changed the value of the 74 & 75, and vice-versa, and I had a dickens of a time working the values back. Good job on that!




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