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Bf109 E-4/B "Yellow 6" Oblt. Otto Hintze 3./ Erpr.Gr210 1940


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He he


Why do you think I just sold my last Eduard 109?!


You're clearly an excellent builder, but you sure make that DML kit look a sweet kit to build :)


Thank you sir, you are too kind, but I am just an assembler. Others here, including yourself, who can do all the scratch-building and modifications are the real builders here and certainly have my respect!


As I near the end of the CHD kit build, I am not as enamoured with it as I was at the beginning. It has nose-fit problems just like the Eduard kit (different in some ways, but still a PIA), but exceeds the Eduard kit in other areas, although I prefer the Eduard surface detail and could do without the PE control surface attachements of the CHD kit.


Press on man, you're nearing the end with this one!





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hi guys


quick update


i added the pitot tube (which thanks to LSP i know is pronounced pee - toe wink.gif) and mass balances - if i put these on earlier they always end up getting knocked off




then used Mig pigments to simulate the light exhaust staining i wanted




i think the best airbrushers can get get better results than with pigments, but sadly i am not one of said group; the risk of blowing your entire paint job with one f-up also looms large, hence pigments for me for the foreseeable future!




same deal with the wheels




now, talking of f-ups with the airbrush, i went to do the rlm71 mottle on the cowling and for some reason i just coul not get it to spray how i wanted, and then this hapened






the result was blowup.gif


for my practice fw190 (1/48)




i was THIS close to meting out the same treatment to the 109, so thank god i had that Dora to hand! DodgeBall.gif

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so, after an hour or so relaxing outside with the chickens and reflecting on it all, i resprayed the cowl rlm65, then added the 02 and 71


the results were not fantastic, but it looks creditable enough






and then






i added some scratch marks and a bit of dirt from mechanics and pilots etc on the wings with pigments and also silver pencil (hairspray technique for me next time wink.gif though)






and some light weathering underneath from oil stains and also dust / dirt thrown up from the wheel s (i might ditch the latter though -not convinced it is right)





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added a litle handle to the canopy release PE part






then made the spring for the canopy wire from .2mm lead wire wrapped around a thin tube




gluing the canopy was a pain the butt




i tried various combinations of household items before this combination worked!


gator glue is the adhesive










i should have fixed the spring etc first though, as getting it on once the canopy had been installed required joints in my fingers i just do not have BANGHEAD2.jpg


i had to turn the aircraft upside down to get access



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then used EZ Line for the wire, attached with CA glue






next up, the antenna


toyed with beads and thinned and sanded tube...opted for beads in the end




more springy things - they are overscale on reflection, but still look quite cool




attached with CA glue




attached with a blob of gator glue - don't worry, it does disappear!








found some tiny round part on the sprues (God knows what it is) to act as the housing for the wire where it goes into the fuselage...




and here is the antenna stuff done...







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i did snip down the tail btw to make it look a bit more respectable but don't have a picture of that bit


anyway, added the small flap thingies rolleyes.gif to the cowling just above the exhausts




and used Micro Krystal Clear to simulate the lights - these will be painted the relevant colours once they have dried






that's it for now....


almost there!!!!!!! deadhorse.gif

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so, after an hour or so relaxing outside with the chickens...

Oh Nick, you are such a lucky man! Relaxing outside with your chickens (plural!)!!!


Oh, wait! My fault: chickens are something completeley different than chicks... :innocent:


Nice detail job on the antennae! Should have send you my Junkers to do it for me!

EZ Line, is this something special to use for this kind of work? How do you get it tensioned?



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Hi Thomas :)

It is basically MEGA stretchy elastic - just glued one end, stretch it to the other side, hold it over (touching) the other end, dab on a tiny amount of thin CA and it's done; you then snip off the bit you don't need

Think I got mine from ebay

It is dirt cheap too!

Only down side is that if you look under a magnifying glass it is actually square in profile, which tyhe naked eye can sometimes detect depending on the light

Try to make sure it's not too twisted when applying it, and it should look ok.

Hope this helps.

Cheers for your interest.


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I too worried about using, in my case enamels, for the exhaust staining. I ended up using gouache, which is a water-based pigment, for the staining on the Hartmann build.


As for the wheel dust - Just Do It!


I feel your pain with the canopy spring. It is just a tedious (and can be aggrivating) job any way you do it.


Stellar work.




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hi guys


well, i've finally gone and done it...no, not smashed my fist into the thing, but...actually finished it! rolleyes.gif

the kit is done but i am leaving the dio as an ongoing project which i will do as and when the whim takes me; i have the base, some CMK figures, MDC bomb cart already, and will be collecting some other stuff as i manage to find it

i will not do the whole walled pen thing -it's just too much for, but i hope to have a couple of pilots and a couple of mechanics, a table and a few bits and bobs...


i am waiting for photbucket to upload the pics, then i'll post them in the completed forum and, when i am felling really technologically on top of my game, get round to changing my signature wink.gif


anyway, whilst i wait, i thought i would offer some reflections on the whole project, both the kit and a/m i used, and how i coped


the pros...biggrin.gif

- interesting subject for me personally which kept me interested enough to finish it and a pleasing overall finish i think


- first engine superdetail for me of any sort (if you can call it that - it was just lots of lead wire really); i now know a lot more about the Emil than i did before


- first open cockpit


- first time using AdAstra Masks; following instructions DOES make a difference


- first time i added rivet detail to the whole aircraft (although i was just making the kit ones stand out more, rather than starting from scratch)


- corrected kit slats which are just plain old wrong; meant i could use correct size upper wing crosses and have everything line up


- i am getting the hang of making splinter camo look interesting with different shades of the same colour when airbrushing


- mottle still not how i want it, but at least i now know how i will do it next time: mega thinned mix of RLM02 sprayed over the 65 right up to the border of the splinter, THEN add the mottled lines / worms , squiggles etc


the cons...ohmy.gif

- the build reeeeeeally dragged on and that took a lot of enjoyment out of the thing; i now feel relieved to have it out of the way, more than pleased at the result - and that cannot be right; no more Eduard 109 Emils for me


- the base kit is not a good one to use as a superdetailing base - i spent way too much time wrestling with poor fit and basic things like next to useless connecting pins; i am not a good enough modeller to combine the two (that i know this now should maybe move it into the "pro" column maybe?? laugh.gif)


- the base kit is just too frustrating: great overall shape and surface detail, but crappy slats (fixable), rubbish wheel wells (unfixable - you will have to defy the laws of trigonometry to get their own PE to fit their own kit) and poorly engineered; wrong tail wheel and wrong tail fin tip (later not that big a deal for me btw)


- Brassin Engine set:

massively overpriced

it looks beautiful at first glance, but there is still way too much basic stuff missing (spark plug wiring, the whole underside of the oil cooler, no engine decals, no replacement underside cowling, no spinner backplate detail etc etc etc), and it does not fit their own kit!

the resin cowl they supply is too long for the kit by a considerable margin, not that i plan on displaying it on the plane (it will be to one side in the dio)

inconsistency with the kit which has recessed rivets / divots, whereas the Brassin set has raised pimple type; the two together do not look right

the price is just wrong for what is only a basis for superdetailing


- Eduard bomb set: poor detail and sometimes just wrong detail; not worth the money (and it's cheap!); nuf said


- the 109 may be the most famous plane of all time (come on, you know it is...) but there are still some bits of it which are pesky hard to find clear images of; many thanks to all those who helped out here, esp Matt Low wink.gif; whilst researching stuff is fun, i was still a bit surprised that this was the case with the 109


- i goofed some of the masking, and also flooded the painting of some of the masks - errors a 10 year old shouldn't make




there are probably a few more things to go in both lists, not just the cons, but to be honest i am now exhausted, and want to go and watch the tennis popcorn.gif


final pics will be up shortly


most importantly, thank you all for your help, support and interest - i could not (and i really mean this) have done it without you guys!!! beer4.gif

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I can't wait for the final Pictures!! Drooling begins now!


cheers guys


pics are over in the completed works forum...link in my signature

Edited by nmayhew
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