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Bf109 E-4/B "Yellow 6" Oblt. Otto Hintze 3./ Erpr.Gr210 1940


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Guest Peterpools


Paint work is perfect and looks just fantastic. Well worth the time and extra effort. Well done. :speak_cool: :speak_cool:


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hi guys


been tough to get things done here but i am now finally finally (!) approaching the end, and really feel like the i've done pretty much all the hard stuff


i must confess i used the Mk.I Eyeball to install the landing gear, rather than the CB Model products Landing Gear Jig




the review will go up on Scale Plastic and Rail shortly, but in a nutshell the jig is well made and DOES work, but is not great if you have landing gear which will not slot in and support the aircraft stably without glue, and does not work well if you are using resin wheels which require adjustment because of imprecise mating with (usually aftermarket) landing gear


my gear was scale aircraft conversion, and one oleo did not mate very well


now the gear was on i could finally add some delicate parts




PE radiator flaps can also go on...






and brake lines




more in a minute

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the Eduard tail wheel is not great and i sanded out most of the tread, which should not be there




incidentally, the SAC tail wheel oleo is useless - way too small - how can companies screw up like this? don't they test fit? i thought it was just me that did that!! rolleyes.gif


i used some brass wire to act as an axle








the result is a little closer to the real thing, i hope




i used mr dissolved putty to simulate the leather boot used on Emils (clearly shown in a pic of my Zimmerman bird, but i forgot to add it!)




and prodded it a bit once almost dry to get the creased effect




and here it is on...




that's it for now - got to mow the lawns before it rains! frantic.gif

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as i mentioned earlier, i attach the oleos first and then the wheels once the oleos are set hard; the wheels required quite a bit of drilling to mate with the SAC oleos btw, and you have to be careful not to go all the way through the weheel - don't get carried away!




i suppose if the wheels line up perfectly with the oloes you could attach wheels first, which might facilitate a better use of the jog, but it was not to be


i forgot to add i painted the lower section of the oleos gunze chrome silver

you can buff this mega shiny, and it does look nice but to be honest it is too fiddly in there - i might do it once everything else is done, i'm not sure


the data plate decal supplied by EagleEditions was added - i put the decal on to a dab of future, which was easier than glossing the whole wheel

i also painted a yellow patch to represent the sticker used (well, used according to Squadron 109 In Action book, so who knows?? unsure.gif) to indicate potential tyre slippage and where the valve was located

easy to paint over if they weren't used on BoB 109s, but they do add a bit of colour and detail i think




the brake lines were simulated by MDC's flexible resin from their 190 wheels




i glued the hose to the line going down the leg with gator glue first, then used thin CA glue to attach to the wheel itself




note: i drilled out the wheel slightly so the hose fit in (there is no hole only an indicatoin of where the wire goes in the Eagle Editions wheels); and only after this was all set did i add the gear doors

trying to fiddle with the hoe one these were on would be very difficult


here's the gear





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finally got the spinner etc together






the spinner backplate caused me much consternation, as i found a clear three quarter shot of this area virtually impossible to find


however, thanks largely to MattLow (wink.gif) i managed to find some decent reference pics, and discovered that both the kit parts and the PE detail sets are rather fictional


i thought about hollowing out the spinner backplate, but thankfully decided against this course of action - i could see the model making a high speed impact with my hobby room wall if i had gone down that route BANGHEAD2.jpg


a note to all you aftermarket manufacturer chaps: if you ever think 109s are done and dusted, think again!!

arguably the most well known plane on the planet still has no accurate prop blades, spinner and spinner back plate with appropriate detail



anyway, ranting aside...


i used the PE piece which is actually meant to go inside the spinner ie on the front of the back plate, to add detail to the back, and added the two wires / pipes that head in there somehwere, doing i don't know what :)




here is the main diagram i used - you can see that my engine is not even close in detail, and that the Eduard Brassin set is only a base from which to detail - it is not the full meal deal, despite its price




and here it is installed - it finally started looking like an Emil once i added the spinner - amazing what a difference it made!






and lastly a side on shot




ok that's me up to date pretty much - i have since added a dull coat and started some weathering, so hopefully will update again soon





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this is a really great show here! The detail on your spinner looks absolutely great, and your Bf 109 gets closer to be finished with each new part you add! Can´t wait to see this one as a review!


Does Eduard provide the VDM propeller logos with the kit?



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Does Eduard provide the VDM propeller logos with the kit?




hi Thomas


thanks for popping in!


yes, Eduard does provide the logos


as to a review, well when i get time i will go through a pros and cons everything in this project, from the basic kit, the aftermarket i have used, through to all the (many) things i have done wrong in construction and painting, and some of the things i got right too :)


i may post it on the main forum as well because i know lots of people have this kit or plan to make one, but have probably given up the will to live - and the will to look in here - given this has taken so long


that's ok, i don't mind, and it's another reminder to me to build more quickly to keep my own interest up, if not those watching the thread




Nick "the slow"



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Looking good Nick - one quicky, the last bit of brake line usually has a loop in it before it attaches to the wheel hub (may not be 100%, but have never seen one without it) :)





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Cheers Doug I know, but thank you.


I could not get the flexi resin to stay in the "coil" and actually glue the bloody things!


Maybe lead wire would be better next time?


Alternatively, how about a NICE aftermaket solution??


A simple flexi styre a la Dragon tank tracks already moulded into shape would be awesome...


But hey, 109s are done to death and everything that could possibly be made has been made for every possible mark and every possible part...







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Actually, the Cyber-Hobby/Dragon kit gives you the brake line tube from where it goes into the wing/fuselage to where it attaches to the wheel, including the loop. You should try one :)





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Great detail thx for the Drawing I was looking for a photo (drawing) that shows the back of the spinner of my Bf110 I now closed the back of the spinner with evergreen.



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Long time no look at this build.


Great progress and lovely work with the masks (I have a set of AdAstra masks which may prove to be a case of biting off more than I can chew...).

I've bought a Dragon 109E and, on the sprues, it looks really nice. I'm of a similar opinion to Doug. Eduard 109s will get A2Z resin noses..!


At the moment, I'm uncharacteristically deeply into a Revell Hawker Hunter Mk 5, 34 Sqn Suez markings. Its getting close to major component assembly but not posted (posting in progress tends to stop any progress for me - so I'm going to wait 'til serious progress made).



Look forward to seeing this one finished up (as I'm sure you are as well!)





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