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Hi Guys

Whilst working on my Cutaway Spitfire yesterday...HERE I thought it might be a good idea to show you another Cut away I did last year of a Stuka to give you an idea of what I am trying to achieve with the Spitfire.I had to scratch build the contents of the Starboard wing and a lot of the Fuselage interior.


I dont normaly blow my own trumpet .....but what the hell :blush: ....but with this Stuka I was lucky enough to win Best In Show at the 6th Open Competition For Scale Models in Sofia here in Bulgaria and 1st place judged by a Greek model society....so I was a very proud and happy bunny that weekend because I felt that all my hard work wasn't in vain!

Any way here are some pics....quite a few I'm afraid!!!! hope you like them.....



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Martin that is simply stupendous! I've seen it on Britmodeller before, and it's just as good here. Thanks for sharing it with us.



Thanks Kev....well I thought it is a Large Scale Plane so it belongs here more than any other forum!!

Cheers mate Foz

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A really super job of modeling.

Your work should take away Best in Show wherever it is shown.


Tell me please, as an aside, what was the purpose of all those spheres in the outer sections of the wing?



Hi there Stephen

Thanks for your comments and your interest in this build.The spheres you mention in the Wings are Spherical Oxygen Bottles.

Cheers to Dr Dave



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