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1:24 scale cutaway Spitfire

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Hi guys

Now that the dust has settled on my last project of the Westland Lysander it is time to start another one of my marathon Threads!....sorry :m0152:

After a lot of wondering what to do next and should I do another complete scratch build using the contents of the wifes kitchen bin!.....I decided that it was no use....................I had to go back to the cutaway Spitfire.

A little bit of History on this build first...................

I started this project maybe 2 or 3 years ago but stopped last spring because it was getting to me!!......You see I wanted to do something special and I think I bit off more than I could chew! I decided that I would make it a cutaway showing the entire insides of a Spifire......or as best that I could do...this would require me to do a lot of research to find pictures,drawings etc of what it all looks like!.......Well that was the first problem! I found loads of info on detailing the cockpit but finding what it all looks like aft of the pilots seat was like trying to find a good meal in Bulgaria!!!

In the end I was finding that it was taking me months just to do a small section of the Fuselage.So what I hear you cry,...yes I have plenty of patience but it gets to you after a while :wow: .To make matters worse I decided from the off to light all the interior up with minature wheat bulbs......again this is all fair enough ...but I found it really difficult to do!!....and once I started all the scratch building I had to see it through to the end!.........................................and that is what I have to do now...........FINISH THE BLOODY THING!

Last thing before I show you where I am at the moment.......I am no expert on Spitfires...in the 46 years I have been modelling I have only built about 5 or 6 Spits........so to all you Spitfire experts out there ( and I know you exist!!!!) I apologies in advance if the 15th rivet behind the pilots seat on the Port side is 3 cm out from the horizontal frame work.....Iv'e done me best Guv!! :m0152: .....Artistic Licence and all that!!

So any way......ramble on, don't I? thats why my threads are soooo long!!

On with the pictures.......I am afraid there are loads because it represents about 2 years of work!!!......Starting with the Merlin Engine....the Engine Block and some of the parts are from the kit but most of it was scratch built....it took me about 6 months to complete....please excuse some of the out of focus shots!!


This is an overall shot of the Starboard side



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Heres an overall shot of the Port side.............




......part of the Engine mounting frame you can see has broken (and on the Starboard side) but will be rectified at a much later stage when I come to attatching the Engine to the Fuselage.

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......not a brilliant shot!! but its looking up from underneath at the base of the coolant tank!!...........




...started to rain...got to get the washing in... the missus will kill me ...she's not here!!! :blush:

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Ok....so I then put the Merlin to bed in a tiny cardboard box and turned my attention to the Fuselage.

Now the next pics you see of the fuselage different areas took me at least 2 years to do on and off.This is the part of the build that was really difficult because of the lack of reference material. If any of you guys watched my Lysander being built then you know that I scratch build mainly with electric insulation off the wires ,wire and plastic card.

I have placed these photos not in the order that I built this but from the front end to the back end. WARNING: lots of photos!! :blush:

So we start with the floor of the Fuel Cell compartment which is directly behind the fire wall.You will see parts of the Fuselage sides missing, this is because it will be a cutaway....you don't think I would be stupid enough to cover 2 years of work do you?...don't answer that!



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So this picture shows a view looking down into the compartment from the Starboard side.

I had to scratch build the floors and side walls and put all the pipe work and bits and pieces in place before I could scratch build the fuel tanks.I have done the Tanks....pics to follow.

I designed the Tanks so that you can display the model with the tanks in place or not......I can't tell you how much trouble I had trying to design it so that they could be removed!!!



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