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Revell 1/32 scale Ju 88 test shot build up pics...

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Just got these emailed to me from a buddy in Germany. I have no idea if they come from a model show or a display, but they do give a little fore taste of what's coming next month!

Here they are... and please don't start picking anything part, they are just eary build up shots.


Alan :P



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OMG Alan!


thanks for posting those shots! I am loving it already! I spent this year dreaming it could already be octobre just so I could get this kit in hand. Now it is just a matter of weeks: I am so happy and so impatient at the same time. Can not wait, can not wait, can not wait.....


The pics do not show much of the pit, wheel wells and engines but looking at those, what I can see does look good and the details seams to be OK/acceptable at least. Indeed, I think even if it was "all wrong", that would not significantly reduce my joy.


I am not quite sure wether I will build one almost immediatly or if I will put it (well actually certainly 3 or 4...) into the stach and stare at it (them) in pure joy repeting to myself "look at what's in my stach!"... I may need a doc I guess!


Dave, one suggestion for the next GB topic: Revell Ju88! ;)




loic aka "the happiest modeler"

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thanks for making my day alan----and my long term dream of having a truly representative B.O.B. collection in 32nd. comes tantalizingly nearer-----now can someone come out with a D.o. 17----H.E.111---- defiant----blenheim !!!!!!!! i for one won't say any of these are impossible, or even, dare i say it, unlikely! by the way, looks like separate flaps and ailerons at least!!! looks bloody good enough to eat.




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The wingtips are off in shape, and the spinner's profile is .00032 arc-sec. off in curvature. I'll pass. ;) :lol: :lol:

Looks like Revell have a stunner on their hands! I might be looking at a builder's block cure here! Hmm.... the photos suggest that the style of detail could be Hasegawa........ does anyone know yet who did the tooling?

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Man, this is exciting! I saw the post and first thought...(he must mean Ju-87) but here it is, a Ju-88 in 1/32!!! I kept hearing it would happen but figured it was idle talk. The images look very impressive. First the Me-110 and now this!!!! ;) :lol: :lol:

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Looks excellent from what we can see.


Not overly worried about the cockpit being less than Dragon detail level - we can make our own or wait for Eduard and Aires to start churning out AM for this - its going to be a photo etch and resin feeding frenzy (if you're into these things!).


The aircraft as depicted appears to be an A-1/A-2 - the ailerons got all the way to shorter wingtips than the A-4 onwards featured, also should have a rudder with straight hinge line. Hopefully we'll get optional wingtip parts, a two gun bulged rear canopy (fus directly behind canopy looks like seperate part - so 2 gun version planned) and a choice of rudder to allow A-4 a/c to be modelled - otherwise this first release (I'm sure the start of a Dragon like dynasty of 88s) will be quite limited in what one can make.


Having said that I have no reservations - you just cannot complain - up until a few weeks ago I'd happily have paid the same price for a Combat Ju 88!!! We live in a golden age for 1/32 a/c...



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